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  1. Try the workaround:

    public class MyGridView<M> extends GridView<M> {
    protected void afterRender() {
    dataTable.getStyle().setProperty("tableLayout", "auto");
  2. No, "Selected Company" provides the details fields below and left-side with primary data. Cancel resets the editable fields to this data.
  3. Steps to reproduce for any 3.0.0* versions:
    Change the field "Updated:" to any other date with the date picker, not with keyboard
  4. Reproduced in Beta-3.
    Keyboard input is impossible in Chrome 16.
  6. Replies
    ComboBoxCell class is missing constructor which accepts custom appearance. Is there any workaround for this?
  7. Tracing my code in dev mode I got

    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: String is not complete HTML (ends in non-inner-HTML context): <div id='x-widget-68_[hnsf'U]' class='GJA1Q0MMGB'>
    Since the...
  8. Try to bind a StoreFilterField with a Grid and
    1. Load store data
    2. Type filter query
    3. Reload the store with another data set
    4. Press backspace until StoreFilterField is empty
    5. Reload the...
  9. My workaround for this:

    new ListStore( {
    public void replaceAll(List newItems) {
  10. I think that the method is missing "else" part like

    if (isFiltered()) {
    } else {

    I caught it...
  11. I've found the what was caused the mistake:

    public interface Binder extends UiBinder<Widget, MainView> {}
    should be

    public interface Binder extends UiBinder<Widget, MainViewImpl> {}
  12. Thank you for the quick answer. The code was copied to a blank GWTP view with provided=true. I think the cause of this issue is somewhere outside the pasted code fragments. But I don't know where...
  13. I'm playing with the code borrowed from and I cannot resolve the following issue:

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