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    There's some info here!/guide/building

    Although I still haven't been able to get it to work, I always get warnings about 'Ext.Panel' and 'Ext.Container' even...
  2. I'm not quite sure I understand, is there an example you can point me to?
  3. We have routes setup for each view of a tabpanel, how can we get the tabpanel buttons to set the browser hash rather than directly set the active item? Is that possible?
  4. Thank you sir! That was indeed the problem
  5. I have a store that's already loaded data remotely and used in a List. In another View I want to use the same Store to populate the data of another List, I create the List with

  6. thank you!
  7. Here's a way around it, not the most elegant but it works

    Ext.getCmp('parent-container').getScrollable().getScroller().on('scrollstart', function(scroller, x, y, opts){...
  8. I have

    scrollable: { direction: 'vertical',
    directionLock: true

    On the main view, but when I scroll my List - which is inside that view - the view still scrolls too.
  9. When a list appears inside a view that's scrollable (vertically), when the list is scrolled the entire view is scrolled at the same time. Is there a way to prevent scrolling of the view while the...
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    So that will come in a dot update? Any time-frame or just wait and see?
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    I'm looking for a way to extend the Camera API to capture/select video. Where does it define that 'Image' is the only option in the framework?
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    I just packaged the example 'device' for the first time and synced it to my iphone. When it's launched it just launches a blank white screen, and in Xcode's console the following error shows:

  13. Ahh ha! draggable: false, to beat this :)
  14. I keep getting this error, Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of undefined, if I use the following config option (preventHeader: true) on an Ext.window.Window. Is this expected, or am I...
  15. Hey stevil, I did try removing grouping all together but it still just dumps all the returned data into the grid.
  16. I'm having a little trouble getting paging to work properly. It's displaying all the correct info in the paging tool bar, yet it's just dumping all the content it receives into the grid, ignoring...
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