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  1. I have the same problem since som software update on my Windows 7 machine.

    The problem is that phantomjs.exe is just hanging or taking like 5 minutes to execute.

    You can try this by going...
  2. Did you manage to confirm this bug yet?. We see it in IE 11 . Very easy to reproduce.
  3. This bug only affects IE .
  4. We are also seeing this. It is not possible to see a specific pattern either.
  5. Im seeing the exact same thing.
  6. Can confirm that <body spellcheck="false"> solved the problem.

    Important to note that this was introduced in a security update but MS hotfix comes as standard update. Might take time for...
  7. It´s noticeable right away. Especially on perfromance. It takes much longer to load the grid after you type anything in the textarea.

    It is the built in spell checker.

    I have updated the...
  8. Windows 7 and IE 11 tested.

    Ext JS 5 - 6 any version affected.

    When users have entered ANY textarea in the application. It is enough to just type a letter and then delete it again,...
  9. Sencha ExtJS version: 6.0.1
    Sencha Cmd version:
    Operation system: Windows 7 64 bit

    Font-awesome and fonts folder are missing when specifying destination folder with the...
  10. I can also confirm this problem.
  11. Ext version tested:
    Ext 4.2.3

    Browser versions tested against:

  12. I have this problem too, although in only Internet Explorer 11.

    It can be re-created in the 4.2.3 Kitchen sink.
  13. The "id" of the model is a key thing here.

    All records in a database need a unique identifier for the reason you just stated.

    You backend database most likely hava some kind of id of the...
  14. Or even better. Specify the proxy on the model instead.
  15. 1. Take a look at the json Reader!/api/

    2. Yes. Specify the "root" config in the readers config of the proxy

    var store =...
  16. Do not put the proxy inside the config object.

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',

    storeId: 'Search',
  17. Replies
    Try autoScroll:true on the grid.
  18. The mixin functions are present in initComponent in the scope of the containing class



  19. Hi Don!

    That sounds like a really good solution. We are also using TeamCity and Sencha Cmd is running there too, so i don't know why i did'nt come to think of this myself. :) Excellent build...
  20. Thank you! Excellent
  21. Hi guys

    I am thrilled of Sencha Cmd and all the features it brings us. We use it a lot in our organization.

    We maintain some different theme and code packages that we share amongst the...
  22. Upgrading Sencha Cmd is a rather big move in our environment so i´d rater read it before i install it.

    Are there any official place where release notes are placed online? It would be nice to be...
  23. By examining the file and examining the build.xml stuff in .sencha/app folder.

    This is not very well documented and requires some extra knowledge around ant. Maybe i should...
  24. Not sure if you are supposed to use it that way.

    To access a controller from a controller you would simply use this.getController('ControllerName')

    To get a controller instance from the window...
  25. Try renaming it concentrator.json instead.
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