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  1. Thanks, I've tried the nightly build and now the problem no longer occurs.
  2. Attached three screenshots. The first open after the application. Then I scroll to the right.
    Then I move the mouse slightly to the right so that the Email column is wider. When I let go of the...
  3. In Ext JS 4.1.1 there is a strange behavior. Look at the small example below.
    When I open the window, I scroll the grid to the right.
    Now I change the width of the Email-Column and make it a little...
  4. Thank you, my workaround ist to set phantom = false after creating the node. But indeed, the logic should be the same whether you use appendChild or via the children property.Thank you!
  5. In my application some nodes are loaded when you click on another. All nodes are expandable. In my example, see below, the first node (added by children config property) is shown with expander but...
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    Based on the example for TreePanel, I have a problem.
    In this example, I add two nodes with children config property. The second node was created before with NodeInterface etc.
    Why does the first...
  7. Sorry, was my fault. Have seen that the container is inserted correctly, but with no width.
    I have now set one and now the container with its items is visible.
  8. I want to insert a FieldContainer (with two components) into a Panel at a certain position (with insert()).
    This happens later, when the panel is already displayed.
    FieldContainer and its children...
  9. I'am using 4.0.7
  10. I have a problem: showing a tooltip disables all active windows. This is beause tooltip's are managed by the window manager. Is there a way, that tooltips behave like as in ext3?
  11. Thank you. Seems that the problem was solved. I am very pleased thank you. :)
  12. No.
    You can comprehend my problem by using the live preview!/api/Ext.form.FieldContainer and make a 'container' arround the two fieldContainers like this

  13. I want to replace the CompositeField from Ext3. So I used the FieldContainer. When I add directly to the FormPanel, everthing is good. But when I add them to another container an add this container...
  14. Thanks, I've forgotten that the form-element is dynamically created when submit. I've always been looking for a static element in the DOM. Now it works. And yes, I need the form-element, because for...
  15. Hi, I have a little problem. First, I must say that the new submit concept is really great. But for my application it is necessary that my form panel creates an <form> Html element to its elements...
  16. Thanks. The problem was to build the picker correctly. But now it works. If done properly, it is much easier than I thought before.:)
  17. I want to create e special PickerField, that displays a tree.
    I assumed that the function createPicker must return only a tree (Ext.tree.View). But if I now click on the button of the picker,...
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    I am new to ext, but I am very excited.
    Is there a way to make certain days in the calendar colored?
    I imagine that Saturday and Sunday get the color red for example.
    Thank you.
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