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  1. Thanks Farish, But I cannot use...

    Thanks Farish,

    But I cannot use "store.on('load', ...);" since I only need to load my store once. Once the store is loaded, I need to run multiple searches over my store using a for-loop. The...
  2. Using findRecord() on stores, why am i getting null result?

    Have I forgotten something here?


    Ext.define('Tools.TimeTracker', {
    extend: '',
    stores: [
  3. How to pass a parameter from model to a web service?

    I am working on this.


    //more codes above
    var isPublic = myAddNewTaskProject.down('[name=chbIsPublic]').getRawValue();

    var record = new...
  4. Thanks Elfayer...

    Thanks Elfayer! I've tried ur suggestion and indeed, I have made my numberfield big. But the problem is, my emptyText, "0.0", are cut on its top and buttom(the same as the image). I guess I have to...
  5. Thanks skirtle...

    Thanks skirtle for your tips and explanation. sword-it's solution is already working. After inspecting the element, I cleared my IE9's cache to make the CSS changes to take effect as the problem lies...
  6. Thanks sword-it...

    Thanks sword-it for your response. I have tried your suggestion but I am still getting the same output on IE. background: #273451 !important; still won't take effect.
  7. CSS background-color for a toolbar is not working on IE. Any workaround guys?

    My topbar (as docked item) in JS:

    dockedItems: [{
    xtype: 'toolbar',
    dock: 'top',
    cls: 'timeTrackerTbar',
    style: {
  8. 39138 I am currently getting this. :(

    39138 I am currently getting this. :(
  9. How can I change the height of the Numberfield?

    I want to have a numberfield to accommodate a 30px font size.

    xtype: 'numberfield',
    height: 40, //this is not working
    width: 100,
    emptyText: '0.0',...
  10. How to change the fonts of all the components inside my panel?

    I want to change the fonts of ALL components inside just my panel; this inlcudes the labels, textfields, grids and so on - anything inside the panel. How can I accomplish this using the 'cls' config?...
  11. Thanks event. But I have already figured out why...

    Thanks event. But I have already figured out why I am not getting the the grid's scrollbar. I just need to set the config 'width' a value so to allow scrolling.
  12. And here's the screenshot

    And here's the screenshot
  13. Why am I not getting the scroll bar for my gridpanel?

    Why am I not getting the scroll bar for my gridpanel even after setting the config 'autoScroll' to true?

    Ext.define('App.view.amortizationcalc.AmortizationSched', {
    extend: 'Ext.grid.Panel',...
  14. thanks! But how can i use this and insert this...

    thanks! But how can i use this and insert this into the controller code?

    Inside the CONTROLLER:
    calculateAmortization: function (item) {
  15. How can I insert new record to a store?

    Problem Overview: I am new to Ext JS 4 and been learning it for three weeks now. I apologize for my codes to be not-so good yet. Anyway, could someone please provide a code how to add/insert new...
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