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  1. It may be useful to generate a large app using sencha tools

    I'm doing tests with the tools to generate sencha multiple applications in an ERP which is composed of more than 3k tables that have a different standard modeling database and edit a file at a time...
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    store.getUpdatedRecords(); By the doc:...


    By the doc:
    returns all Model instances that have been updated in the Store but not yet syncronized with the proxy.

    you can get this models instaces and submit us to...
  3. You can extends Ext.controller.Controller

    I had a likelly context and make a extends class to Ext.controller.Controller on controller directory like as:

    Ext.define('TecFoodApp.controller.Controller', { extend: '',...
  4. different behavior between sencha-touch-debug.js and sencha-touch-all-debug.js

    By using sencha-touch-all-debug.js when I set refs and trying to use getter this.getRef () when the ref has not yet been instantiated is returning undefined.
    When I change the app to file...
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    I made this example and really works. Thank you,...

    I made this example and really works. Thank you, but my application is MVC, in defining store, model and TreeStore and load the view with

    var myView = {xtype: 'myview'};
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