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  1. Thanks vbarzana for diging into Sencha code.

    Ext.define('DaikitManager.overrides.mixin.Inheritable', {
    override: 'Ext.mixin.Inheritable',

    * {@link...
  2. Replies
    Hello did you manage to perform what you wanted?
  3. Any idea?
  4. And also ensure that you have included the package "font-awesome" in the "requires" section of your app.json (or package.json if you are using a custom theme package)

    (which I suppose is not the...
  5. Thanks for this proposal Joel!
  6. Hi,

    On a Ext.Panel (or other), how can I enable the scroll but without displaying the scrollbar?

    I see that on the scrollable config, I can set a scroller config and I try to put:

  7. Hello,

    What is the proper way to override SASS config for ResponsiveColumn layout?

    I have a theme package to extend ExtJs theme.

    I tried to create ResponsiveColumn.scss in:
  8. Hello,

    Same issue for me, this doesn't work on development (not able to test in production).

    Also note that if you follow the link :...
  9. Hello,

    I'm using the Triton Theme with Ext 6 and I'm surprised to see that the default loading icon is style an image and not a FontAwesome glyph icon.
    Is there any plan to change this in order...
  10. I'm using Ext.Direct in conjunction with the great and this is working perfectly.

    I like this "protocole"!
  11. The only workaround I found is before I launch "sencha app watch", I backup my app.
    Install a previous version of my app which was working. Launch watch and move my files into this app.

    I build...
  12. Hello same problem with my app, and i don't have any link "ext-all-..." in my app.json.
    @israelroldan, any clue when the 6.0.1 will be publically release? Any other workaround?

    @unloadme, thanks...
  13. Hello, I found the same problem in some case... however, not able to determine why sometimes it happen and sometimes not...

    But clearly, there is sometimes a "break" in the inheritance process for...
  14. Thanks Don for the clarification. Even if it doesn't work yet, at least we know it :).

    Yes, definitively. The approach you propose also work, but something more structured/straight forward is...
  15. Yep!Thanks, this help me to upgrade my app!
  16. Also interested by this!
  17. Hello,

    Hum... If I'm right the containerScroll config is to automatically scroll while the mouse go to the edge, am I right?
    In this case, this is absolutely not what I want.
    I want the user to...
  18. Ok, I did not found this post before doing mine.

    So if I understand correctly, we should create a NEW schema by assigning an id (which will be different than "default") in order to avoid standard...
  19. Hello,

    I want to create a GoogleMap like draggable div (as in this example
    But with ExtJs I did not find a way to...
  20. Ext version tested:

    Browser versions tested against:

    Safari 4
  21. Hello,

    Any news on this?
    Thanks in advance
  22. Hello LucaMa, thanks!

    By any chances, in any of this component, are you able to bind values?
    The store is now bind pretty well in multiselect (i need to test for itemSelector).

    However I did...
  23. Hello LucaMa,

    Thanks for the tip! For me it really seems to be a bug...

    Do you have any idea on how to fix this for ItemSelector? Because same fix doesn't... fix the issue with IteamSelector.
  24. Ok thanks.

    I'm looking forward to see this in a new release soon ;).
    I'm managing without a package right now...

    Just for info, for the first feature
    - SDKTOOLS-1074: Compress CSS files in...
  25. Hello,

    It seems that binding doesn't work with some Sencha ux component.

    Does someone now how to make the store binding working with:
    multiselect, itemselector, multiselector?

    Thanks in...
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