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  1. Hi there:

    I am using Ext-js 4.1.1 , I use a grid and it contains some of fields with handler which can open a window , But When I close the window by pressing the "ESC" button the console will...
  2. I think this is very clear ,an example*Tutorials*Cells*02%20-%20Combos%20and%20Checkboxes.html
  3. dear all:

    I want to add 2 column in my grid , both of them are xtype=combo , right now , I have 2 combo and their data come from an url , so far so good they do work very well .

    My requirement...
  4. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <result text="aa(0000a)" leaf="false" id2="1B011P003.jpg">

    <book text="a(0071)" leaf="false" id2="1B011P1a04.jpg"/>
    <book text="b(0071)"...
  5. yes, i see .

    but my question is
    when after load data,treepanel 's loader>>
    does it has a event to fire like afterload,doesn't it. ?
  6. (Ext.ux.tree.XmlTreeLoader)...

    Ext.dd.Tree = new Ext.tree.TreePanel({
    useArrows: true,
    autoScroll: false,
    containerScroll: true,
    autoHeight: true,//required ...
  7. 3Q
  8. it is work, thank you very much.
    now i can use Ext plus jquery very well
  9. i downloaded, ... but still doesn't work

    <script type="text/javascript" src="../../adapter/jquery/jquery.js"></script>

    <script type="text/javascript" src="../../source/core/Ext.js"></script>
  10. 1: my Ext2.2 package don't find jquery-bridge.js, so i download from

    <script type="text/javascript"...
  11. i tried use ext-all-debug.js, the same error

    no more error msg.. you see
  12. hi everyone... i use Ext 2.2 ,Ubuntu 8.04 (hardy) , apache2

    i want to use Ext+jquery , but when i add a Ext.form.ComboBox to my borderlayour.north.bbar and when i do dropdown firebug will show an...
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    it is work...and next time i'll search realated info more``if it still no anwser to me then post question``
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    sorry, i don't know how to get other value like textword

    so my console always return not defined or error```bon``
    only id is easy to get...

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    is ok, i can get it

    but i need to get the element (<p id="testid">testword</p>)'s textnode testword
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    <script type="text/javascript" >
    Ext.onReady(function(e) {

    var the_src=Ext.get(document.body).query("p");
    Ext.each(the_src,function(){ console.log( });

  17. flowing is my code, could you see it , and how to
    my ext version is 0.33


    * yui-ext
  18. help me ,how to set the grid_toolbar on the grid's upside、top

    move to top
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    it is your post

    is there other way to do that

    for example:

    var str=
  20. hi I am a new user of yui-ext too
    i creat 3 grid , and use yui-ext0.33,i got the same question with your
    multi grid how to build it?
    do you have any solution for it,

    i am not very smart ,...
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    i guess is your web

    if i want use the example like this[url]

    what should i do ,i am not commercial worker

  22. HI
    this nice bar how to build it

    i really want to know that you app how to build
    like toolbar on the contentpanel

    it is very nice for...
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    how to set grid's text format
    size OR color...

    or inset a html string to cell?
  24. but what is the HTMLElement
    where do i use it
    do i get data from HTMLElement too?
  25. i am reallyreally thanks you help(two)
    its a small thing but
    i am very happy.i did i success

    my code on botton

    function myf(g,r,e){
    var gHtm=g.getRow(0);...
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