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  1. Hi all,

    in my application the entire app should be in portrait mode, but where for the video view it has to be landscape by default. but the video view is in portrait mode only. the same...
  2. Hi All

    i have developed sencha touch 2 application for iPhone. it is working fine in up to ios 6.x, now in ios 7 the application behavior is changed. when i select text field, soft key board is...
  3. Thanks for your solution. Let me try to implement this logic.
  4. Hi All,

    How to change the application language from english to korea and korea to english when user select language option. i searched for this but there is no detail process how to do this.
  5. Hi All,

    Please help me to change ios soft keyboard "return" button to "go" or "publish". when i focus on textField.

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    Hi All,

    i have created a menu using dataview, i dont know how to change the menu icon(dataview item) when i pressed the icon. any one please help me how to solve the issue.

  7. Hi All,

    I am developing news related application in sencha, i have to implement social network (Facebook, twitter) sharing feature to my application. Any one who alreadey did this job please help...
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    Thank you for your response, i am using sencha touch 2.01, i am testing the application in google chrome.
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    Hi All,

    While dragging the list view, the entire page is getting selected. i dont know why this is happening, same this is happening for all pages. if i hold and drag any page like image or other...
  10. Hi All,

    Can any one help me to use custom background for toggle button. If i tap on button one i have to show one image button and if i tap on button two i have to show another image button.
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    Tahnk you, i got it.
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    Hi All,

    How to apply pressedCls css for the image or any solution when i tap on image it should change.

    thanks in advance,
  13. Right now i don't have access to modify the web service. How do i over come with out that server response.
  14. The server response is [{ "Status":"No data"}].
  15. Thanks for your response, bellow is the snippet of controller code.

    var SupporterId = localStorage.getItem('SupporterId');
    var tmpId = {
  16. Hi there,

    When i am loading list view with a store, it produces the desired data , but if there is no data from the server, the store is fired with one undefined record. How do i avoid it?
  17. Hi there,

    I am working on Navigation view, I find the navigation bar's back button stretched on pushing, below is the attached screenshot. Not sure, how is this happening, Can anybody help me...
  18. Is the store getting reloaded on refresh? Check for it..
    Else, refresh the view,

    Also, store's autoload is set to false, try setting it to true...
  19. Even i face the same problem, adding a refresh listener to this plugin solved the duplication.

    plugins: [ {
    xclass: 'Ext.plugin.PullRefresh',
  20. As @cyberwombat's suggestion to hack css did not work for me.

    The bellow function does the trick.


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