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  1. Hey guys,

    i would like to customize a message box so that it not only prompts for one value, but for several. If i create an Ext.window.MessageBox and put some items in there, these are not shown,...
  2. Hey guys,

    i just cannot find this... update, delete and read-actions work out fine, but create seems to be different. i first worked with directFn, which didnt work for create and then switched to...
  3. Hey guys,

    i do have a window that i want to be always on top, no matter which other window is over/next/around it, but i just cannot find a config option for doing that. i mean, there is the...
  4. Hey guys,

    when using the loadData method of a store with a normal array returned by a direct-proxy -function call
    (looks like this: [0:{"key1":1,"key2":2},1:{"key1":1,"key2":2}] then the loadData...
  5. Hey,

    i customized the REST-Proxy-Example in
    for my own use by changing the session database to my own database ...or more...
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    the removing of the series works for me, but the chart.add gives me the error
    (Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'add')

    the series object of the chart has the...
  7. The title basically says it... is there a way to bind to the dblclick event for one single data point on a line chart?
    I dont even get the dblclick to work anywhere...

    Thanks in advance
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    I have the same problem... anyone got a solution yet?
  9. Anyone? :/
  10. Hey guys,

    i kinda cannot get this to work. I want to dynamically add or remove lines form a line chart with their corresponding legend item.

    i can get a certain line series and hide...
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    Ahh thanks lots. :D Your answer saved me a lot of time.
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    Hey, im having a hard time figuring out, whats up with the component event listeners.

    It seems the "listeners"-property is only available on the main created component and not on its items? Is...
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