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  1. Hi Ken,

    How does this work? If the validate method is never called because allowBlank is set to true, how will allowBlank be set to false in the validate method in order to call the validate...
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    I'm not going to gripe because hazelma provided this for free, but you might want to avoid the carousel component outlined. I too ran into the doctype issue, where if my html document had a doctype,...
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    Nate Irwin,

    I'm a bit of a newbie around CSS. If I wanted to do as you suggest and 'override' the grid css file, should I just add the correct CSS to my custom CSS file (rather than monkey with...
  4. Hi folks,

    Is it possible to have a grid component that has multiple rows, with different numbers of columns for each row? Is it possible to use a record for more than one row?

    I'm using ext...
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    I'm new to ext, so I'm not sure if this is verboten, but I was able to get nice wrapping in my grid, in both FF2 and IE6, by removing this rule: "white-space:nowrap" from this selector:...
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