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  1. May it be possible to link to an external URL in a packaged app,
    if i wrap it in to PhoneGap?

    2 solution would help me:

    1) a way to open an external URL from a packaged app, by opening Safari...
  2. From inside a packaged app it seems not to be possible to open an external link in Safari, right?

    Is it possible to open the external URL inside the app, interact with it and than go back to my...
  3. Thank you for your answer.

    For testing it's a web app, but after development it gets packaged for AppStore.
  4. Hello,

    is it possible to open an external URL from a TabPanel-Icon?

    I need a Button in the Main Panel-TabBar that opens a Shop (external URL) in Safari.

    I tried...
  5. It works!

    Thank you :)
  6. Hello,

    i tried to put a container with any value for scrolling inside a container with "scrolling: 'vertical'".

    But when i do this, the nested container isn't shown.

    Isn't it possible to do?...
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    Works fine, thanks! :)
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    i have a dataview, where i use some custom tab-sensitiv areas to navigate (Date forward/backward). They are build through the html-property of the 'navigationBar'.
    When someone tap on a...
  9. It works!
    Thank you. :)
  10. Thank you,

    but on which element do i listen? And where?

    In my controller? Something like:

    control: {
    '#tbb': { ptap: 'someFunction'
  11. Hello,

    is it possible to fire a tap-event from an html-element inside a 'navigationBar'?
    For Example from this "<p id="p1" data-some="someData">Text</p>" p-tag.
    I want to get the data from the...
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    is it possible to remove the wrapping divs around a list-item or a dataview-item?

    I only want to have the markup, what i declare in "itemTpl".

    So this:

    <div class="x-list-item"...
  13. Hi and thank you for helping,

    i hoped, there is something i can do in Sencha-Code.

    But this way, what do you think about something like this:

    .xlist-header-item:before {
  14. Hello,

    i have a grouped list. Now i want to float the list-items within a group, so the items are abreast each other - as one row. But the groups have to be stacked, so every group is a row.
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    I will try it in Designer 2 too, but for now i think it's better to learn the framework first and the Designer later. So i can better understand, what the Designer does.

    Few minutes ago i ended...
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    Hello John,

    thank you for your answer.

    Ich will try it, but i think i will not do that in Designer 2.
    Coding by hand seems to be more flexible. And it's to complicate to learn a software AND...
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    how can i redirect to an other view after some seconds. And how can redirect depending on, if a selection is made on an earlier visit or not.

    The idea is, first there is a splash-screen,...
  18. Definitely! :)

    I'm from Germany. I learned English in school ... more than 15 years ago.
    And i'm not often in the situation to speak/read it. And technical things are more difficult to...
  19. Thank you for fast answering.

    I'm referring to english. It's not so easy to search in forums, Google or following screencasts and tutorials when you're missing practice and specially vocabularies...
  20. Hello,

    i startet to try Sencha Touch and Designer 2 some Days ago.
    So far, i don't really understand the workflow.

    I have to create an app that don't really looks like a standard app. How can...
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