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  1. I solved this issue. My problem was that I was using the "mode" setting but I learned that I should use the "queryMode" setting from the ComboBox. I am not sure if this is new in ExtJS 4. I did not...
  2. Hello,

    Does somebody have a working cascading comobox sample for ExtJS 4?

    I have updated my code to latest 4.0.0 release but the problem is still there.

    Can you help me to get it working?...
  3. Hello,

    I would like to get some help with a simple cascading combo box scenario using Ext JS 4.

    For my first combo box I use an Ext.regModel, an, and of course an...
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    Hello keckeroo,

    Do you have an updated version of your code that works with Ext JS 4?

    I'm trying to make it work with version 4 with no luck.

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