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    it will not work with 2.3. A lot of things have changed. If you want you can make a pull request here

    With that you will make some people very happy!!
  2. ok, thnx for pointing that out!
  3. extends Ext.Container, which requires Ext.behavior.Scrollable. So it should be scrollable I think!
  4. I've just created a new sencha touch project, and added to the config section of MyApp.view.Main

    //scrollable: 'vertical',
    scrollable: {
    direction :...
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    Could you post the errors you get ?
  6. I haven't look at this issue for some time now. But I didn't found a solution yet. You could report a bug!!
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    thnx for the compliments! It seems that it works with Ext.Container too :)

  8. Ok, thnx. In the app I'm building I need to edit HTML, is there an alternative ?
  9. Hi

    I have an element like

    <p contenteditable="true">bla bla</p>

    In ST I can edit this perfectly when I add the following styles
  10. If I remove it from app.js and require it in the controller it works!! However you cannot do (in the controller):

    var store = Ext.getStore('MyStore')

    it will return 'undefined'
    But if I do
  11. Hi

    I'm using a 'shared' folder (outside my project folder) with stores in it. However. when you do

    $> sencha app build production

    I get the following 404 in my browser:

  12. Yes that works! Thnx. But, what is a little bit strange, is that user.products() returns a store. This store has products, but shouldn't user.products() return a collection/array of products ?
  13. Hi

    I've followed the example defined here, but whatever I try I cannot get the associations to contain any data.
    So, here are my stores and two models

    Ext.define("", {...
  14. ok, thnx!
  15. yes, thanks it works now!!

    Is this somewhere documented in the sencha touch 2 docs ?

  16. I've used SDK version 2.1.0-rc2 and Sencha Cmd v3.0.0.201

  17. Hello
    In my app.js file I have defined an external store ''. When a do

    $> sencha app build production

    I get the following error:

    [INFO ] Processing...
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    I can't get this to work in the following situation in which I create a new field type:

    Ext.define('NS.view.field.CField', {
    extend: 'Ext.field.Field',
    xtype: cfield',
  19. which version ? Currently it still doesn't work ( I think)

  20. Hi

    In one of my controllers I'm listening for a tap event on one of my components.

    refs: {
    mycomp: 'mycomp'
    control: {
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    ok, thanks a lot!
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    When I run my app I get warnings like

    [WARN][Anonymous] [Ext.Loader] Synchronously loading 'NS.view.template.SearchListItem'; consider adding NS.view.template.SearchListItem' explicitly...
  23. a bug probably :(
  24. if JSONP is not an options, it cannot be done. You could of course write a backend yourself which is in the same domain as your client app. Let this backend make the call to the json-server which...
  25. Hello

    I've just downloaded the ext-4.1.1a
    Now when I go into resources/sass and do (after I've removed all the files from resources/css) :

    $> compass compile

    I get the following warnings:
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