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  1. I think you are working on GXT/GWT. Please refer to this link for that.

    For extjs, I have an update. We don't have to change...
  2. Milan,

    Thanks for the explanation. Now that makes complete sense to me, specially the snippet of code that you wrote.

    Thanks again,
  3. I think this is a good idea if you want an application handle globally.

    I found something more interesting on this one. In my controller, I added an event to the 'control' api which adds it to...
  4. Some more updates:

    I tried setting the content type of my response to 'application/json' , 'text/html', etc but did not work.

    To make this working, I have to change a line of code in Extjs...
  5. I am working on a File Upload functionality where you get a popup , select a file and then click submit. The file should be uploaded and it returns a JSON string with different values.

    The file...
  6. Is there any way to use inheritance for Store? Please advise.

  7. I got this thing working for now. Instead of

    var store = me.getHomePostsStoreStore();//DOES NOT WORK ????

    I am now using
  8. I checked in the firebug and its the instance of the HomePanelController. Not sure what is wrong.

    Here is the debug window for reference.


    Please direct me. I don't know how to proceed...
  9. PM

    Thanks a lot again. I deeply appreciate it.

    I understand what you are trying to explain about events and you are right that its an overhead but that is the only way I know right...
  10. This issue is related to Events and Store.

    Goal :
    I am trying to load (store.load) when an event occurs. In this case, it is a scrolling to the end of the page.

    when the page loads for the...
  11. I am trying to apply inheritance to my store. I have multiple tabs and I have created a common store for all the tabs but I need separate instances/copies of it to have the state saved for those...
  12. skirtle,

    Thanks a lot for your answer and suggestion. The UI rendered correctly after I made the changes you mentioned.

    I know that ids create a lot of issues but I am still a beginner in...
  13. I have a menu that I want to show in multiple tabs. For that I created this class so that I can reuse it.

    Ext.define('RS.view.common.RSSplitButton', {
    extend : 'Ext.button.Split',
  14. Please provide me any ideas/views/solution for this thread. I am actually stuck.

  15. Please reply to any issues. Thank you for your help and direction.

  16. Friends,

    There are multiple issues that I am having with the tabs and grids on it. I have also created a sample app to explain this. Please refer to the attachment for that.

    To use the app:
  17. Got an update..After trying all the apis in the Element, I was able to use the html one successfully.

    Here is the updated code.

    submitComment: function(eventObj, htmlElementObj) {...
  18. I am not successful in triggering an Event from a XTemplate so I am changing my approach to see if this works.

    These are the steps of what is happening:
    - User clicks on Add Comment,
    - a comment...
  19. I think I am already doing that. One of the member functions of the XTEmplate (submitComment) gets called/executed when the 'Comment' button is clicked. Please refer to the code.

    But with that, I...
  20. Hi,

    I am trying to create a social screen similar to Facebook or chatter or any other social site. For that I have defined a XTemplate. It displays all the Posts.

    For each Post, there are...
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    Thanks for your files.

    Please let me know you have changed anything (in web.xml or any other file) to make it work.

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    I understand that the request reached the server but somehow the code was not executed. That is weird as there is no error and nothing is working either.:)

    It will take me sometime just to create...
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    The response was empty '[]' . Also, the request did not reach the server as I had a debug set on that api. So I know if it is called or not. It did not got invoked.
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    I have now updated my spring jar files to the latest 3.1 version. There is no error but the application is not working either. The request is NOT REACHING the server and no response is coming back....
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    40,311 now I need to plan to upgrade to Spring 3.0.6...

    Will it be ok if I directly upgrade to latest Spring 3.1? Is it possible to support the 3.0 version in case we decide that it is not a...
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