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    How to Close viewport

    I have a login(window) screen and menu which is viewport in my application. In my menu, I have LogOff button. On click of the button I wanted to remove the viewport and display the Login screen.
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    Execute Code after modal window close

    I have a viewport that has a toolbar button. On click of the button, I am opening a modal window.
    using below code

    btnChangeFactoryClick: function(button, e, eOpts) {
  3. Thanks for the reply. But my problem is not with...

    Thanks for the reply.
    But my problem is not with setting title. Let me explain.
    I am trying to localize a form (title,button text,labels etc.) using the approach defined in the ExtJS document.
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    How to get the Grouping state from grid

    I need to get the hidden state, width, order, sort and grouping state of the grid columns.
    I am able to get all other details except grouping state by using "getState()" method

    Can you please...
  5. Multiple persons work on a same project

    We will plan to develop a sencha Ext JS desktop application with 5 developers.

    Can you please someone tell me how we all can work and update the same project in Sencha Architect 2.2?
  6. Assign Prototype string to text fileld from Sencha Architect Config Window

    I am doing localization in view as per ExtJS prototype overriding.
    I have created prototype as "FormTitle" in a view using Sencha Architect config window.
    While assigning the window title as...
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    Adding Sencha files to TFS

    Can anyone help us on integrating sencha files to TFS source control?
  8. How to handle paging toolbar when store got update dynamically

    Thanks for your reply.
    After modifying the store, I am doing like this
    Store have 15 records, now I am adding one new record to the store. After that i am calling updateInfo method of paging...
  9. How to align the check boxes vertically in a "Check box Group":

    I have tried setting the vertical property as true (checked) but it didn't work. But i was able to align the check boxes vertically by following the steps given below.
    1. Select the Check Box group....
  10. How to handle paging toolbar when store got update dynamically

    I have a paging toolbar in form panel and a toolbar with button.
    I am assigning a JSON store for paging toolbar (Store have 15 records).
    I am adding some more records to the store dynamically when...
  11. How to align the check boxes vertically in a "Check box Group"

    I have added a check box group in a form.
    When i was using Sencha Architect 2.1, there was an option called "Layout", which allowed me to vertically align my check boxes by setting 'vbox' layout....
  12. How to copy a grid cell value on right mouse click

    I have added a grid control on a form.
    I have added a context menu to that grid.
    On the context menu, I have an option to copy a cell text.
    In the grid panel, i have added cell selection model.
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