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  1. Error logging and exception handling in ExtJS

    Alright, so we all know that Javascript is looser than... some undesirable thing, and that can make it hard to debug at times. I really do appreciate the effort the team at Sencha puts into their...
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    Poll: I like ExtJS MVC. I tend to stay away from...

    I like ExtJS MVC.

    I tend to stay away from itemId and id and opt instead for aliasing my views. For instance, a view classed as MyApp.view.admin.EditUser would be aliased as widget.adminEditUser....
  3. Margin issue with ext css file? (screens and 'fix' incl.)

    Hi, I was glad to discover EXTJS this last week and even more glad to begin working with it; however, in working through the 'tutorial' to the EXTJS MVC architecture, I encountered a visual problem...
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