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  1. Fair enough, maybe CMD could bail early and say this if it detects a build.dir outside the workspace? Would be helpful for others upgrading a customized workflow
  2. does it too :(

    idName = proto.idProperty;
    idField = model.getField(idName);
    idType = idField.type;
  3. If you call addFields/replaceFields from a model subclass (it's marked protected, not private) that has idProperty set to something different than its prototype, replaceFields crashes on this...
  4. When implementing a custom proxy, it is often necessary to "undo" proxy.Server setting its idParam on params. Event the built-in proxy.Rest does it in 5.x and 6.x

    If you set idParam to null, the...
  5. supports a urlParams options, which allows you to set params that MUST be appended to the url. does not have a config defined for this, so because...
  6. I found why you can't reproduce it.

    Here's an unmodified app fresh from app generate -modern:

    Its Ext.Msg box has styling...
  7. I should have mentioned, this was with the latest cmd- and ext-

    I generated the app with the -modern flag
  8. The app/Application.js file generate by command uses Ext.Msg but does not require Ext.MessageBox

    This causes the message box that appears onAppUpdate to be incompletely styled
  9. modern/theme-base/sass/src/form/Panel.scss and it looks like some other themes' sources for Ext.form.Panel contain a lot of attributes for .x-field without any form scoping.

    These styles should be...
  10. I've always set${workspace.dir}/../build in my workflow to keep builds outside my workspace

    There seems to be a relatively minor path building error in Cmd v6.0.0.202 that...
  11. Replies
    I've forked the repo to make some updates:

    Fixed up the github pages branch too and put it online here with added demo links:...
  12. FYI I spent some support credits to learn this was opened as bug SDKTOOLS-1212 on July 6th
  13. So doing a build with just union -r -c Ext.ClassManager produces a build that loads without error and provides Ext.define, yay!...
  14. See

    Currently says:
  15. ./ext/packages/core/src is already in my classpaths and stuff from the class/ folder is already being included in the build by CMD (looks like everything but Mixin is already getting included)

  16. Manually populating the classpath param with the src/overrides folder from needed framework packages gets the build to complete successfully with a reasonable looking file list:

    sencha \...
  17. the \s indicate escapes for line breaks in a multi-line bash command, I think i'm applying the configs correctly here:...
  18. Replies
    I haven't been able to get standalone builds to even work in ExtJS6, see my new thread over in the Ext 6 forums:...
  19. I want to compile some code that runs on the frontend of sites (jquery style) and I'd like to skip including any toolkit.

    This reference for CMD 6 seems to indicate this usage is still supported...
  20. See

    I maintain some test cases to demonstrate how bad the problem is:

  21. Ideally CMD should set images_path to the composited resources/images directory for you in the config.rb file it generates under the build/temp directory alongside the other generated paths
  22. I feel like I've needed to find a new way to fix this with every framework release...

    For 5.1 the cleanest fix I found was adding this to my app's build.xml:

    <!-- TODO: remove this hack...
  23. For posterity here's a fiddle that demonstrates the problem in 4.2.2 and 4.2.3:

    And here's one that demonstrates it in 5.0.x:...
  24. Replies
    What's the status on this issue? The latest 5.1 releases seem to still be affected by this, documenting that record is passed but not passing record and leaving no clean place to hook in validation...
  25. The GPL version is not supposed to have watermarks. GPL != shareware
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