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  1. Thanks for the tip, but as mentioned in my #1 post I already use that technique. Unfortunately I dont see any speed improvements.

    I basically do:

  2. The (tab)panel and all its child elements are created upon dblclick on a grid row, is that what you mean by just-in-time? I thought of something like copying the generated html (with new elIds of...
  3. Hi folks,

    I have a tabpanel which is quite heavy and therefore renders 2-3s, its always the same tab. I wonder if its possible to cache the layout/generated html/events etc. or even pre render the...
  4. Ext.define('TestGrid.view.GlobalTeamTable1', { extend: 'Ext.grid.Panel',
    alias: 'widget.globalteamtable1',
    store: {
    model: 'TestGrid.model.TestResult',
  5. Don't know if this is a real bug, however you could use a renderer on that column:

    renderer : function(value) {
    // better if you can reference the combo outside of the...
  6. What if the app was not built using the MVC pattern?
  7. ExtJS 4.1
    I could narrow down the issue to the following function:

    Ext.override(Ext.panel.Header, {
    setTitle: function(title) {
    var me = this,
    titleCmp = me.titleCmp;
  8. please try:

    and check if you get the right panel component.
    If not, it must be some other issue.
  9. try it with Ext.getCmp('panelview') instead.

    Keep in mind: working with ids is a bad approach, it will getting fuzzy when the project grows. You may want to re-think your layout logic and check...
  10. As far as I know you cannot store hasMany directly in a store.
    Using methods like

    person.getAddress(function(addressObject) {
    // ...
  11. var obj1 = {};
    var obj2 = {};
    obj1 === obj1 // true
    obj1 === obj2 // false

    they both are empty objects (equal) but the reference differs and therefore they are not the same.

    In your...
  12. Then the reference/pointer to an object should change, which is not equal to the last one and becomes dirty?
  13. No the information is not lost, you will have to update the foreignKey, in this case the addressId (or what ever) of the person. Since then it becomes dirty (id changed) and the store knows that...
  14. For some reason the component manager cant find the component with id 'panel1'. If you do such queries always wrap it with a if(), it may fail updating the tile but at least the app will continue to...
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    Did you overwrite the Ext.Loader path of "Ext" ?
  16. If your model was not modified, why would you want to push traffic to your backend? There is no new information for the backend which would be "worth" to store it.

    If you say , it becomes a new...
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    You can specify a custom renderer on a column, i.e.:

    // ...

    renderer : function(value) {
    value = parseInt(value);
    return value === 0 ? "" : value;
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    You should wrap your code with:

    you have to wait until Ext has loaded/inited iteself. Ext.onReady(); will tell you, when ready.
  19. Hi, I have the same issue... does anybody has a hint ?
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    As far as I understood the code, it was/is ignored. We tried several ways to achieve this. We specified different assiciatioName, different associationKey but none of them worked. In fact the...
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    Well, I think its not supported because oAuth2 is not final yet. However I have own backend oAuth2 implementation and thus it probably requires unique proxy. I agree with you, it would be nice to...
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    I wrote my own classes: reader, writer, Proxy and They manage my JSON-RPC & oauth2 implementation. All possible because extjs has a nice core API / inheritance System.
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    Hi there,

    I ran into an issue, where I needed to reference the same model twice using 'hasOne' association. In this case its an address model, which is referenced twice. I got the following setup:...
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    for those who have same issues, I managed it using:

    // clone proxy, so its not being shared
    me.proxy = Ext.Object.merge({}, me.proxy);

    which is basically the same as creating a new...
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    Ok, thank you so much, I spent 8+ hours investigating all the src code :/
    Now I always get separate instance of the proxy, which is the DESIRED behavior. :)
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