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  1. Any suggestion on how to make the unchecked columns to be at the bottom of the columns selection in grid panel.

    If i remove the column Test from the...
  2. once the store is loaded,how to make it filter locally?
    I don't want to hit server on each character type.
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    is it possible to disable today's button based on the validation on datefield

    When i select lower limit value greater than today , i should not be able to select upper limit which is less than the...
  4. When i try to run the below example i am getting below exception, the same example with remoteFilter:true and filtering local worked fine in ExtJS3.4

    am i doing anything wrong,,
  5. is it possible to add image icon beside combo box under a menu item.

    In this link for Button W/Menu, can we...
  6. Any update on this issue.
    Any workaround to resolve this.
  7. When i used the config typeahead:true on combobox with querymode:remote its not working as expected.

    1st combobox , its not filtering the values as its...
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    I am looking for the grid to be of this model.This code is in 3.4 can I get any references for > ExtJS 4...
  9. Yes. With that UX only we were generated the chart. We are trying to implement the drill down in that but unable to implement. Please help us.
  10. When we implement drill down with stand alone HighCharts its working fine, but we are trying to integrate it with ExtJs6. We are able to generate a bar chart in Extjs using Highchrarts but unable to...
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    Can someone help or guide in building an editable grid, by default all the rows/cells in the grid should be in edit mode.

    I had seen this Ext.grid.plugin.CellEditing but the need is edit mode on...
  12. We are using HighCharts with ExtJs6. We are able to create the bar chart but unable to do the drill down. Our actual use case is we have parent and child relation ship between customers. We show...
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    I want to set the time out for few request not all the requests.
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    Its not the latest version.
    Tooltips are working fine with ExtJS3.4 version on the same browser and OS.
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    Tooltips on buttons are getting truncated. refer to the screen capture attached.
    Not only for a specific button, for all the button on the grid tool bar.

    browser :google chrome ,
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    I need to set time out for individual requests, I tried setting for 2 mins.


    and also mystore.proxy.timeout=120000;

    After 1 min the response is stalled.
  17. i need to send to server the modified values alone..
  18. while using Ext.grid.plugin.RowEditing is it possible to track the modified values alone?

    from the API
    in this event edit : function( editor, context, eOpts) {

    able to get the originalValues...
  19. thanks I will try it with 6.0 and post my findings
  20. Do we have any plugin or inbuilt feature in extjs6 combo box similar to lovcombo.


    or any reference links/examples
  21. its the copy of same one which you have shared.

    I have app.js and override.js

    app.js has the launch function which has gridpanel and tool bar with buttons, and override,js has the logic to...
  22. thanks for the example

    I have web application which has lot of grids and buttons, i wrote a separate js file to add the override function

    Ext.override(Ext.button.Button, {
  23. how to override Ext.button.Button and createSequence on render function.

    I tried doing this

    Ext.override(Ext.button.Button, {
  24. we are ok with the font size, line heights etc..

    we are concerned only with height and width of the windows as classic theme has small font and line heights compared to other when we are...
  25. we had developed an application using classic theme, few of the components like opening a form panel in a window or grid in a window.. along with that we have tool bars with buttons on it.
    we have...
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