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  1. Sorry, I have forgotten about this one.. Been trying to avoid having waitMsg.

    Basically, any response would do.
    Success response would be any HTTP 200 OK messages along with data. No problem...
  2. Hi,

    I have made some error trapping for server errors as follows:

    function (conn, response, opt) {
    var message = response.statusText;
  3. Replies
    Anyone has experience with AngularJS? I've heard many good things for this framework.
  4. Hi,

    I am using integer type for my money type, and would like to display them as (value / 1000) only on display and (value * 1000) upon receiving user input. So user only know if they enter for...
  5. Thanks.. that solved my problem :D
  6. Hi,
    Sorry if this is like another stupid question, but I am a newbie here and trying to create my first app.
    I have security based menu, which then generate module list based on user's allowed...
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