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    Yeah, thats got to be it.. I'm getting an exception whenever the "error" load happens.

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'internalId' of undefined

    My model has 'internalId' set to my...
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    I'm trying to refresh a TreePanel so any records updated in the store will sync:


    My TreeStore has...
  3. For the record, what is the default ID field? The docs show the 'defaultRootId' field which is set at 'root'. I just want to make sure I'm looking at the right property.
  4. Oh okay. I'll mark my 'eventid' field as an ID for the node and I'll see how that works.
  5. Is the best way to do this to manually check the store against all of the nodes and update them on 'load'?
  6. Hello,

    I am building an application that uses a Treepanel/Treestore for a threaded comments feature. Its supposed to update in real time (kind of like Facebooks realtime comment system).

  7. I figured it out. There is an undocumented property inherited from Ext.view.Table called 'focusedItemCls'.

    viewConfig: {
  8. I have a GridPanel that opens a tab on itemclick. I want to deselect and defocus all the rows on the originating component.

    I can deselect the rows, but the original row remains focused. How do I...
  9. I figured out what the issue was on the getSelectionModel() problem. getCount() returns the number of selected rows, not the total number of rows.
  10. I figured out how to highlight the row... it was easier to do it with the GridView.

    Here is my code in the GridPanel:

    viewConfig: {
  11. Hello,

    I have a GridPanel that loads it's records from a store. My goal is to select a row that matches a field/value pair in the store on the on the initialization of the GridPanel.

    Here is...
  12. Yeah, that's the best way to do it.

    Modifying the code to provide that functionality would have been way too much work!

    Thanks for your input.
  13. Use Case:
    I am creating an object property editor that uses a GridPanel to display the active properties. I'm currently using the Grouping feature to break the properties down in to manageable...
  14. Figured it out.

    paramOrder: 'id'

    was causing the store to not send any parameters. Removed it and it works fine.
  15. I have autocomplete setup in my application just like in the example files. Recently, I have been moving my JSON proxies over to Direct proxies. Every other store worked fine out of the box, except...
  16. I am moving the "field editor" example code over from just the view and putting it in to a controller.

    Capturing 'dblclick' in a form works when you use the ".on()" method, but not when you use...
  17. Update:

    I made the errors go away by removing all of the "requires" directives inside each file that was throwing an error. It's almost as if it was overnesting requires and causing errors.

  18. Hello,

    I am trying to deploy an ExtJS MVC app.. and having some issues with dependencies. I keep getting these errors on load in the production folder (with app-all.js). I have all of the files...
  19. Hello,

    I have an application which uses a single store across multiple views. It binds a 'chart' xtype to a store, which right now generates random data to graph.

    Here is my code:

  20. Figured it out.

    If you set the title in beforeComponentLayout() it will work fine.
  21. I'm running 4.0 and trying to update a charts axis title programmaticly. If i set the .title attribute of an X or Y axis in initComponent, the property change does not stick.

    F.Y.I: I'm creating...
  22. I'm using the 'grouping' feature in the grid panel.. and it creates a sub-table with rows beneath it. Is there any way using Ext directly to add a CSS class to the first and last rows of that...
  23. Hey everyone,

    I have a tabbed interface with Gridpanels on every tab. When I have multiple GridPanels using the same store, occasionally one of the Grid Panels will almost "lock up" and although...
  24. That worked. Thank you Scott!
  25. I am capturing the right and left keys inside of a ComboBox for page navigation on a remote store. The pages move successfully, however I need to cancel the original event as to not cause cursor...
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