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  1. Hi slemmon,
    My config is as below.

    selModel: Ext.create('Ext.selection.CheckboxModel', {checkOnly: true}),

    by the way, Can I hide unlock part checkbox list? how to implement?
  2. maybe reading source code and hooking it is the fastest way.
  3. My grid has Ext.selection.CheckboxModel.
    now I update ext version from 4.1.0 to 4.1.1.
    then find grid unlock side also have checkbox list. how can I hide the new one?
    I click the unlocked...
  4. finally, my temporal solution is

    renderer: function(val, meta, record, rowIndex, colIndex, store){
    val=' ';
    } str='<div...
  5. Maybe the problemn is in syncContent API.
  6. Hi selmmon,
    Thank you for your testing.
    And I continue debuging...
    And find below

    renderer: function(val, meta, record, rowIndex, colIndex, store){
    var str='<div class="xxxx-grid-cell-div...
  7. I use config below as cell editor
    var config={
    id: 'txtSingle_'+XXX,
    xtype: 'textareafield',
    grow: true,
    maxLength: 50...
  8. Hi slemmon, I have find the answer.
    it is Ext.view.table onUpdate method.
  9. Hi slemmon,
    Thank you. I have overwrite showEditor() and it works.
    But there is still some problem.
    Firstly I click the selection checkbox of a row.
    Then edit some cell of the row.
    when editing...
  10. I use below config in grid:

    selModel: {
    checkOnly: true,
    mode: 'MULTI'
    selType: 'checkboxmodel',

    And I have plugins:...
  11. and which version will support this feature?
  12. My setting is as below

    var txtMyNoEdit=Ext.create('Ext.form.field.Text', {
    id: 'txtSingleMyNoEdit',
    maxLength: 160

    //column config:
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    seems the api docs only has remote paging demo...
  14. Replies
    I don't find setPageSize function in API DOCs.
    How to implement this function?

    My case is...
    store's page size is 20.
    user can input a int value (such as 30) as page size in a textbox.
  15. Hi,
    sorry that I don't think it can solve the problem.
    'AAAAAA' and 'aaaaaa' e.g
    Their length are both 6.
    But actually, the room they ocupy are different.
  16. when the sentense is overflow in a DIV and it shows ellipsis (CSS text-overflow: ellipsis; ),
    We show the sentense in data-qtip.
    If the sentense is not overflow, qtip will not show.

    Can we...
  17. Why ManagedIframe works in my project with extjs4.1?
    I use extjs4.1 protalpanel to contain ManagedIframe, and don't find any javascript ERROR.
  18. Any guy can help me?
  19. I try listConfig:{ html:'I am a boundlist
    ' } in combo box, But seems it is not what I want. Maybe I misunderstand it.
  20. like screenshot as below.
    "First 20 results shown only..."
    Can I implement it?

  21. Replies
    oh, I missunderstood your meanings.
    In short term, we can filter empty data ourselves.
  22. You means...I need delete minlength setting, And fully use vtype to validate length?

    If I set minlength=3, and set my custom vtype(single Chinese word length=2), I don't think "中国" can pass...
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    Is emptyMessage a config in piechart? Or it is another component?
  24. In our project,
    when we use minlength to check input length,
    we want to take Chinese word's length as 2.
    e.g. 中国
    words above is 4 char length.

    Any way to implement it?
  25. As Date and Time are two different field in Extjs, I don't find any method to validate the Whole datetime.

    I have to merge values from those two component myself.
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