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    Hi folks --

    As usual, thanks for all your input and the feedback you've given (and continue to give!) on the topic.

    A couple of comments re: performance. First, Ext JS 4.1 fixed a lot of the...
  2. Yes, it's on the roadmap. No commitment to which version/etc, but it's a feature that's on the SDP roadmap.
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    Hi there -- thanks for the insightful and colorful :-) feedback. This is one of those conversations where I have to say there's no great answer. Let met start by saying you're right: we didn't make...
  4. @elgs: right now, you would need once license per machine, so if you had your Mac workstation, and two VMs (Win and Lin) and wanted to package for each platform from each "operating system image",...
  5. Sorry, I overspoke on that point a little bit :-) cross-platform packaging isn't supported yet.
  6. Your packages can run on as many platforms as you wish -- doesn't matter. The license grant is for the machine you *run* the packager on. So, if you're building from a Mac for Mac, Win, and Linux,...
  7. Hi there --

    I'll try to answer your questions the best I can, and I'm sorry to hear you've been having so many troubles using the frameworks.

    Sencha Touch: there were a lot of documentation...
  8. Grab 2.1 Beta 2 for the instructions:
  9. Hi there -- if you download Sencha Touch 2.1 beta 2, the package includes an updated set of docs that describe packaging on Windows.
  10. Sencha is sending a bunch of people -- about 7 or 8 folks from our core dev team will be there! Specifics will be live on the site in a few weeks, but lots of the folks you know and love from the...
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    I misread the question. Sorry bout that. We're working to release it for 2.0 final, but no ETA.
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    Do you mean Windows 7? Or something else?
  13. We don't have support for WebSQL. In fact, WebSQL looks like it'll disappear from the browsers and get replaced with IndexDB. In either case, we don't plan on using WebSQL or IndexDB yet, and we're...
  14. Right now, all access has to come from Sencha Touch. It's a limitation we're aware of and we'll be working to address it (so you can read/write out of the server, and do other 3rd party operations),...
  15. Hi there -- right now, we only sync to our cloud and that's likely how it'll be for a while. We store a bunch of metadata in order to make the sync work. We're looking for the future (think: after...
  16. The local replica is stored in localstorage, so we do have the same limitations as the localstorage does. The server has a full replica (i.e. the sync of it), but since we use localstorage to keep...
  17. Right now only Sencha Touch is supported. Ext JS is in the roadmap but we're starting with Touch.
  18. Hi folks -- we have an update build for Sync.

    This update fixes a bug in Sync and Touch where you were unable to dynamically...
  19. Check it out:
  20. It's actually a build of Touch 1.1.1, so there are a few bug fixes we may not have released yet.
  21. Sencha Touch folks!

    We're happy to release to you the public beta of Sync. We're releasing it early to the forums to give you a preview of the broader beta we'll make available later...
  22. Hi there -- feel free to use Src but if your'e interested in using Sync and we haven't gotten to you on the private beta, PM me and we'll skip you in the line.
  23. Hi there -- you have to have purchased Designer separately, or Sencha Complete.
  24. Any luck in the simulator? Are you getting any debug console / JS errors?
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