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    Hello community!

    is there any ready solution for management workspaces in the GWT/GXT I mean something similar to ErraiWorkspaces. I don't want to use it now, 'cause it is connected currently to...
  2. wow! I've made it!.. the problem was that all my GWT services are in EAR part of the application, but the gwt-servlet.jar have been packaged twice: in EAR and WAR part... Removing it form WAR made...
  3. sure! I'm restarting this server every 5 minute in order to verify every idea.
  4. yeap, I've double checked the ant script everything uses the same source.
  5. my service:

    public interface SprFizLicService extends RemoteService {

    public PagingLoadResult<SprFizLicDTO> getData(PagingLoadConfig config);

    public String sayHello(String res);
  6. Simple services (with Strings, Lists, and so on ) - works fine. The problem begins with PagingLoadConfig as a parameter.

    and also a dive into the root of the problem - allows to realize the error...
  7. Hello, community, I've tried to create a simple application (grid loads paged data).

    And I'm stuck with the following exception:
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