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  1. value : MixedA value to initialize this field with (defaults to undefined).
    name: 'opleidingsOmschrijving',
  2. this method does not load values automatically. the same way you set up [ name: registration.opleidingsOmschrijving,], set up values for each field with the registration object properties. I see you...
  3. load the json with Ext.Ajax.
    decode it
    use Ext.each to iterate
    append items dinamically to formpanel.
  4. ok, and it only makes more complex the sort method
  5. take odd first ant then even. is the less invasive method
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    get /ext-3.0.0/examples/restful/ in your extjs folder.
  7. that's the answer to both questions. remember that disabled fileds does not submit...
    disabled : true
  8. I guess that if you are not using the power of the grid, you should not use a grid and pretend it is another object.
    You could generate a list like that applying a template to the store directly. I...
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    I could helo if you post more of your code...
  10. You got a date object. if you stop and read:

    getValue() : DateReturns the current date value of the date field.

    it does not matter the format you...
  11. this code should work for you...

    var form = new Ext.form.FormPanel({
    title: "Request Computer Account (Graduate)",
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