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  1. I'm trying to call the parent of my overridden Connection.request method, however, it appears to be impossible to access it once I've left the original context of the method

  2. You've saved my bacon. This one was awful as I was originally trying to use an iFrame to isolate the input field from the ST event system. However, this led to its own set of issues (not advisable to...
  3. Great post.

    Is event delegation in the Controller config/ref/control section not supported in ST 2.3.1?

    I am running into the same problem with the detail of a view being loaded from an...
  4. Ok, I'm going to answer my own question.

    Modify C:\Users\Philip\bin\Sencha\Cmd\\plugins\touch\current\app-build.js

    Re-write this:

  5. Is there anyway to pass a yuicompressor option to the Sencha build tool e.g. line-break=1?
  6. For me, this fixed the issue (thanks to @imwill and @interfasys):

    .x-panel .x-button {
    -webkit-perspective: 1000;
    -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden;
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    @Rafael Neri and @goangus - major THANK YOU for this one - working perfectly.:)
  8. @Bunchofstring I can see that this.getSegButton() will resolve correctly without the '.' when calculating the ref, however, without it, in my case, the tap event is not fired when the segmented...
  9. note: in above example it should read '#segBtnId > .button' (the dot is important or the event won't fire)

    Also, would be useful if someone could post an example of how to hook up to the toggle...
  10. Nice summary - just remember that you have to explicitly include the app.css file (as shown in the example - but what initially stumped me). PS I actually got away with using the original ST 2.1.0...
  11. This worked for me on ST1 (similar strategy should work on ST2). Key part for me was to add scroll: 'vertical' to the containing panel (see NB additional notes at end of this post). No tabs in this...
  12. I think that this is a bug. It appears crazy to me that the 'setVisible' or 'show' methods don't work here. I just spent the last 2 hours trying to figure out why my element wouldn't show. BTW, I...
  13. zehavibarak - great solution - thanks. I reduced the timeout a little and it works very well on my Samsung Galaxy SIII - very smooth.

    initialize: function () {
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    You're the man :)

    Yes, the following install instructions for nodejs on Ubuntu did the trick - taken from:

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    Thanks for the hint Izvr, however, I'm afraid that doesn't work for me.

    me@mymachine:/srv/www/test/sencha-touch-2.0.0$ ./command/sencha generate app MyApp ../MyApp all

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    I spoke too soon. I now get the following:

    sencha generate app MyApp ./MyApp all

    throw e; // process.nextTick error, or 'error' event on first tick
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    @Izvr :)
  18. Did u ever get an answer to this as I have the same problem? Only a problem on iOS for me.

    Answering my own question: Solution for me was to add and remove docked bar from main viewport instead of...
  19. Here is a snippet that I'm using. The callback and scope are optional and may be omitted. The code assumes that you are in a text field or a text area. Works for web app, so might work for native as...
  20. Hi Luigi - facing the same problem. Did this work for you in the end? I tried to change over to new Ext.Application, but I still see the problem.

    As pointed out, in the Sencha render method the...
  21. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the update, however, I'm not using PhoneGap, so I'm afraid I don't have access to it's JS-native bridge API.

    I've figured out the main issue I was having. It was very subtle...
  22. Hi,

    Was wondering did you ever get a solution to this as I am facing the exact same problem. Seems incredible that such a basic thing is proving very difficult to find a solution to.

    Thanks in...
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