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  1. Coming from gwt-ext i noticed that the examples provided are a bit more diverse and more informative then the Explorer demo. For Example the Grid examples all show a basic grid. None of them actually...
  2. Martin, Arno and Sven.

    Thanks for all the information. The part that i had to call layout on one of mine ContentPanels was completly unknown to me.

    In my code i now called layout() on the...
  3. Arno.

    Not to sound ungratefull for your involvement but it would be handy to know which thread exactly relates to my problem or which thread has the solution to my problem.
  4. Martin
    Sorry for the long listing. I thought you wanted to see the code as how it is in my application to get a real idea how things are build up.

    Thanks for the suggestions, i will try this as...
  5. This is true, unless i have a wrong version of GWT 1.7.1?

    this is however the code


    public void onModuleLoad() {

    DataServiceAsync service = (DataServiceAsync)...
  6. Martin,

    The way it is setup is exactly the same how it is done in the Explorer demo.

    Northpanel, westpanel and a center panel created the same way as in the Explorer demo.
  7. I am having a problem with TabPanel and TabItem. I followed the code from the Explorer demo on how to add tabs dynamicly.
    In my webapplication after the user authenticates him/herself a welcome page...
  8. Michel.

    Thanks so much that work great. And also thanks for the suggestion i will rename that model to something less common.


  9. Hi,

    I just moved from GWT-EXT to GXT and am not jet familiar wit how to do things. Also in this case looking at the examples didnt show me a example which did what i wanted.

    The treegrid...
  10. It might be because i am new to Symfony, but reading the installation instruction i run into a problem straight away.

    When i do:

    symfony plugin:install dsExtDirectPlugin

    then the...
  11. Hi,

    I have seen the demo of the calendar and it is a great tool. However when in try to implement it i seem to be running into a issue that the dates of the calendar are not shown.

    this is my...
  12. Replies
    Uhg.. never mind..... i see that the padding was set somewhere else... Thanks Animal.
  13. Replies
    Well that would have been my first idea to to set the bodyStyle to Padding: 15px however this didnt solve it.
  14. Replies

    Thanks for your quick reply:

    This is my code: It is part of a different panel: However the Tabpanel is draw normal but the grid has this padding.


  15. Replies
    Today i finished setting up the Datagrid loading values out of a MySQL table. And succeeded.

    However when the GridPanel is displayed there is a 15px padding around it. The GridPanel is part of a...
  16. Well, using the delete methode destroys indeed the var that created the panel. Setting this to false doesnt remove the panel from the screen. So what i did, is to create the panel in a function and...
  17. The problem is that in my viewport i have a Treepanel (West), Header(north), and a Center Panel (fit). Depending on the item pressed in the treepanel a new panel is loaded in the center panel. This...
  18. I am wondering since what i learned i am adding only one component to the fit layout, and i am removing it as how it is suppose to be done that there might perhaps be a bug or something?
  19. Great tutorial! But it is basically what i am trying to do.
  20. I am getting the idea, however in my case removing the items from pnlMain works, but it looks like pnlMain also dissapeared. Next executing the code that created the panel on pnlMain does not create...
  21. The fix panel is my center. You say that i can only add one child to a fit alyout.

    As shown in my code. I am adding a panel that is of type border and this panel has some other panels. That in my...
  22. Adding a panel using border layout isn't that 1 child? If not, how would i solve this?
  23. I am struggling with getting my code right regarding replacing a fit layout center panel.

    Based on what item is selected in the menu, content is added to the center panel which has a fit layout.
  24. Sorry for being unclear. I meant that if you define a tabpanel like you did directly under the viewport you wont be able to add tabs to it from the webpage right? I am a newbie so i might ask or say...
  25. Thanks, jsakalos but i dont think i can add tabs this way dynamicly?

    Perhaps if i post my code you can see what i do wrong?



    // This is...
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