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  1. But if you are trying to go directly to a view and don't know which one is currently active, you will want to use setActiveItem(). Just saying this is not the intended use does not answer the...
  2. Yes, that was it. I had multiple views with the same xtype. My mistake. So what I did was implement my own "View Factory", using the current active profile, something like:

  3. According to the docs here:!/guide/profiles, this does not seem to be correct:

    "Once the Profiles have been loaded, their isActive functions are called in...
  4. I don't mind what it loads. I mind that isActive is not working. If isActive returns false, it should not be the active profile, so how is it that my view from that profile is being displayed?
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    Same issue here.
  6. I have created profiles as per the documentation (tablet and phone). If I create a profile and return false from the isActive method, the profile is still loaded and the views from that profile are...
  7. This appears to be the only way to do this, which means in an MVC application the controller is responsible for changing the URL on the proxy. IMO this is bad design as the controller should not...
  8. What we have found is the in the RC, all views have to be declared in the views config setting of our application controller. This was not necessary in prior releases. This fixed the problem for us...
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    Is there any resolution to this? RC is not usable for us right now.

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    Thanks for the reply. My point is that our application broke since moving to RC. Right now we cannot use the release candidate because all places where we have alias it is broken.
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    instead of alias?

    What are we supposed to use instead of alias? I read in the release notes that it has been deprecated in favor of xtype, but whether I use xtype or alias I get the error message:...
  12. Does anyone have an answer for this? The release candidate is currently unusable for us.
  13. What are we supposed to use instead of alias? I read in the release notes that it has been deprecated in favor of xtype, but I tried using xtype and I still get the error message:

    Cannot create...
  14. Where can I find the fix for this bug?

    P.S. why do my Sencha forums not show up in English?
  15. Yeah, I think I removed it when wanting to make the sample project smaller. Adding it back in did not change the result for me.
  16. BTW, Our main prototype App written in 2.0.pr3 does not display at all in beta 2.
  17. How do you associate the top-level view to the controller? To my knowledge I am following exactly the steps in your video.
  18. This project is basically following along the project in the video: First Look at Sencha Designer 2.0. All I have is a simple view where I am trying to put menu items.
  19. I had this problem using an earlier version, but even with upgrading to beta 2, I am still getting null returned for my views when call getView from the controller:

    so with a view with id: ...
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