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  1. anyone ?
  2. Hi There!

    I've got a Model that has a HasMany association thats configured like so:

    associationKey: 'Alarms',
  3. Hi,

    having a strange problem with a chart in sencha touch 2.1.

    I'm using the 2.0 charts beta, a simple window i created using sencha architect, for test purposes.

    It consists of a...
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    Hi There,

    im having the same problem. Same architect, and cmd Just cant save it!

    Its in /Users/[username]/bin/Sencha/Cmd/

    What can this be ?
  5. This problem was solved, by sticking to a earlier version of Sencha Touch 2. The latest version of Sencha Touch still has this problem...
  6. Another thing i found out: when i just reload the store in its total with store.load(); , then the 'HasMany' records are not reloaded either!

    So from where im standing it looks like it only goes...
  7. anybody ?
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    Am curious also.
  9. Thnx Klaus.

    Im currently working on a different part of this project, but i will look into your information when i get to it again.
  10. Hi There,

    I've got an json file looking like so (snippet):


    Key: 1,
    Type: 1,
  11. Hi Klaus,

    How dit you managed to get this going ? I use architect too, but when i do a deploy (so no package) i dont get the cache.manifest file you're talking about.

    I did not explicitly...
  12. Hi There,

    I am trying to create an application which can be used offline. So, i followed the tutorial: ' Taking your app offline'. Seems to be going right, until the point that it has to get a few...
  13. anyone has a idea?
  14. I also tried to make just an fieldset, that works fine, but that cannot be bound by the .setRecord(record) function. (well; actualy it can, but it's not showing its data in the fields)

  15. Hi There!

    Can someone give me some advice aboutn whats the best way to build an container or panel, wich contains multiple forms under each other? The only way i can do it now is to use a...
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