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  1. Hello ben.gillis,

    I'm not sure if that's what you are looking for but I figured something today that might help you out.
    More details here:...
  2. Hi guys,

    I just figured out how to maximize a window to the size of another component and, since I've been googling this and didn't find anything, I thought I'd might as well post it here.
  3. Hi Scorpie,

    I am not familiar with fabricjs but according to what I saw in your app, the drag stops as soon as you enter the iframe; I think this is because you don't forward the mouse events to...
  4. Hello Scorpie,
    I have been working on the D&D for iframe for a while now which I needed for my app: WIDGaT
    The only solution I found was to register a script in the dom of the document in the frame...
  5. Thanks a lot for your reply, it worked like a charm :)

    Here is my working controller code:

    Ext.define('WIDGaT.controller.Compos', { extend: '',

  6. It looks like i found a way around this but it seem odd.
    Apparently the store did not instantiate properly in the initComponent function.
    The solution was to load the store in the application's...
  7. Hi,
    Thanks for your answer.
    compoStore.getCount() returns 0 but here is what I get for

    So I do have my data there right ?
    The whole application code can be found at ...
  8. Hi all,

    I'am having an issue retrieving groups from my store using the getGroups() function.
    A isGrouped() on the store returns true but the getGroups() returns an empty Array.
    I can't make...
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