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  1. The problem is as described below:
  2. The best way to make an application. Hands down. Makes managing a huge project manageable.

  3. I verified this bug as existing in our product.

    To the support person: His solution is a drop-in replacement on top of the existing ExtJS code. So the parameters ($element) are the same as the...
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    I too have had this problem.

    Problem description: If you have 2 Ext.Windows that contain drop areas, and you drag something onto the top one, both drop areas receive the drop notification. Even...
  5. Uhh.. Ext's goal is to be a cross platform toolkit. If a button had a graphical glitch in FF2.0.0.12 you bet its a bug...
  6. Bah you and your logic.

    I dont even know who made it, i'm just complaining incessantly.
  7. Well i was using this thread to ignite the imaginations of the people who make extensions.

    The problem with the current implementation of the slider is two fold:

    1. You cannot declare width:...
  8. I'd like to pop up an Ext.Window that contains a container without hacking up the source code.

    for example:

    var w = new Ext.Window({
    items: [{
    x-type: 'slider'
    , max:...
  9. the dd manager thinks its 20px not 20%
  10. I have an item to be dragged with the following code:

    new Ext.dd.DDProxy('dd-test', 'group');

    If dd-test has style="left:30%;" then the proxy is located correctly, but the dropped box is...
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    I found a better way.

    var myCoolTemplate = function() {
    this.addEvents({'i_died' :true});

    this.customFunction = function() { this.fireEvent('i_died'); }

  12. m_menu = new{
    defaults: {
    hideDelay: 0
    , items: [{
    text: 'Manage this course'
    , handler: function() {
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    I use

    in my windows product.

    But i like simeon's very much.
  14. x
  15. sheepish grin. I looked in the premium forum longing for such support down here in the readlight district, and i noticed that he used 'scripts: true'

    and guess what! it worked...

  16. The purpose of this is so i can dynamically load window components without my core controller caring.

    Controller.window.init = (

    panelOptions = new ContentPanel ( leftDiv, URL_OF_CONTENT...
  17. Also, I'd like to know what event i can listen to when the setUrl completes.

    Something like

    ContentPanel.on('ready', function() { alert('its ready'); } );
  18. I'd like to load a HTML website via ContentPanel.setUrl(asdfasfasdf)

    At the top of the page I have:

    --page: sayHi.html --

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    Also, I don't really want to have tons of dependancies inside index.html

    Right now I have 10 <script src> tags on index and i'd like a mechanism to load them async after the page loads.
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    I dont want to use ASP or PHP.

    I have a little box on the left called "TASK PANEL" and I'd like to modularize it so i can say something like this in javascript:

    var panel = new...
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    I am sure that you could create a library to support this. I think that there is an abstraction layer that each of your mentioned libraries plugs into via a glue library. A little research into the...
  22. Ok an update to the above mentioned tasks. All I really need now is someone to create a schedule renderer.

    OnScheduleChange : function(sender, e) {
    if (e)
    if (e.schedule){
  23. This is how far i've gotten so far!

    And this is where I want to go
  24. You might know dave bacon, he graduated in CS around that time. He helped develop all the database backend used in the program. It's all NHibernate and MSSQL.

    I have about 400 users a day from...
  25. Yes actually, i graduated in dec 2006; but i was delusional and went for Electrical Engineering.
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