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    as i wrote, you can use originalValue as value from last load.
    If you want to store also last change, just set it in blur event to any own property for comparing on next blur.
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    do it in blur and compare value with the origin value.
  3. try adding a width to the checkboxcolumn.
  4. The docs give you an example which should answer your question:!/api/Ext.tip.ToolTip
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    this button is the trigger, so look for triggerCls, triggerWidth etc.
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    just change root in your model to users and it will work again.
    For paging you need to provide the total number of records as well (represents totalProperty in store) and the extra params - add...
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    sry, no time for that. This is a part of a running and productive app.
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    This is the way i do

    resetGrid: function() {
    var target = this.getTarget();

    // Clear the state.
  9. you have to override the Ext.grid.header.Container to customize the column menu. Place your condition into the following function:

    * Returns an array of menu CheckItems corresponding...
  10. take a look:
  11. got it to work, however - the draggable configuration is not respected for panel. So delegation works with this override, but eg constrain does not as it's not implemented.
    BTW - i wonder how this...
  12. it's still not working, and the complete DD in ext is a real pain.

    DD with panels are completely different to DD with other components.

    Delegate property is working fine with other components,...
  13. the problem is the hide listener which destroys. This is called before the click event.
    I used an override in Item to destroy the menu after the click.

    Same problem occured first time in version...
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    at least you should be able to set this value, just find the right place to do after detect iwas called:

    Ext.supports = {};
    Ext.supports.Touch = false;
  15. sorry, but this is too time expansive. It's easy if you read the code. Just compare renderRows in Tree and TableView, look to what is resetted. You will notice, that in Tree the tooltip is set...
  16. yes, listen to the event, validate and restore if not wanted.
  17. sorry, i have to add: used version is ""
  18. for which reason do you want to allow dragging grouped column outside? I would not allow this ;)
  19. I have a case in one application where a tree has a 'qtip' field in the model. After this tree is rendered, all other grids get a row qtip which is identical to the last row qtip of the tree.

  20. Bug in version

    If you listen to a controller event in any controller, configured like

    controller: {
    '#myController': {...}
  21. It looks like you manipulated the console object with an override and missed to integrate the "warn" function.
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    You should read the documentation! There is no property labelStyle, but a reference to the label element labelEl.
  23. i fear this won't work without overrides. With rendering triggers, only the cls property is used. You may try to set a custom cls with font-family of glyph, just try. But glyph number as used in...
  24. another way instead using interceptors would be an override. Extjs5 has a fine way to do this, just place a file in app/override/form/field/Field.js with this content:

  25. controller expects an alias string, not the class name.
    In this case the @ parameter is not needed, but maybe shows a way to address the location.
    I do not see any benefits in this syntax, as alias...
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