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  1. It's not about the placement of the combobox.
    The problem is, when you open the combobox, and the pickerlist is shown its placement starts at the end of the label.

    See screenshot for...
  2. When a combobox has a fieldlabel which is higher then 1 line, the pickerlist has an offset from the text inputfield.

  3. seems like this isn't important?
  4. I just started looking at sencha touch again after being busy with a mostly css focused project.

    I just generated a new project using the new SenchaCmd and sencha 2.1.0 SDK and the first thing i...
  5. yup, thx for pointing that out... think i must have changed that while trying all sort of stuff out.

    I've got it to work now. I now listen for the show event on the cointainer around the list....
  6. Ok, i'll look into that.

    But i noticed the refs seem to work but its the control part thats not working?
    so i got something like the following:

    refs: {
    weekList: '#weekList'
  7. is there maybe a way to let a controller re-evaluate it's refs?
    or is there something better to use then the #id of an item?
  8. Hey,

    I'm wondering how the refs in a controller work?
    When a controllers links a ref to an "#id", and the view which holds this "#id" gets destroyed and re-created, the ref won't work anymore?
  9. on a component you have to call:

    this is the component that dispatches the scroll event
  10. try listening for the event you want on the child, and then call event.stopPropagation()
  11. how does this work? because MyApp.view.ViewName is a class? so when i do the if clausule, it returns a function.

    I think sencha touch is keeping a list somewhere in the application, which holds...
  12. I was wondering if there is a place where you can see all views that get created using


    or is there a way to check if a view is already created by using its MyApp.view.ViewName?
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    Thx for explaining this, this helped alot.
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    I was wondering what's the best place to define a global variable?

    At the moment in my Ext.application config i define a variable

    apiUrls: (function() {
    var api_base =...
  15. Thats how i did it now. But i was wondering if it was possible in the config, since this would be an easier and cleaner way of defining the buttons.
    Maybe something for a future release? ;)
  16. Hey,

    i was wondering is there a way to set extra buttons on the navigationbar from within the view?

    It is possible to set a 'title' property on the pushed view, and this get placed into the...
  17. I have the following models defined in sencha architect


    when i do the following lines of code

    me.event = Ext.ModelManager.getModel('EventManager.model.Event');...
  18. Thx for taking your time to look into the problem.

    But i had already solved it, i had declared a itemId on my dateBlock element.
  19. Hey,

    I've run into a problem and don't really see a good way out.

    I have a container (vbox) which i populate with another container (dateBlock flex: 1).
    i do this by container.add(dateblock...
  20. Hey,

    I'm trying to define a header on my ajaxproxy but when i place a + inside the command it places \n all over the header.

    Accept: 'application/json',
    BackendMode: 'jpa',...
  21. with the new update for the sencha architect, i was able to add the action property on the button and by then using button[action=acceptEvent] in the controller i fixed this problem.

    Thx for the...
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    thx, this is fixed with the new update.
  23. changed it to

    control: {
    "#acceptEventButton": {
    tap: 'onAcceptButtonTap'
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    I get the following error when i try to add the action property on a button.

  25. When an item from a list gets selected i execute the following lines of code.

    this.details = Ext.create('EventManager.view.EventInfoView');

    so i...
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