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    Thanks, it helped me. However, I got better results with:

    .my-tab {
    -webkit-mask-image: url(../images/rss_icon.png);
    -webkit-mask-size: 2.5em !important;
    width: 2.5em !important;...
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    I have a tab panel. For each item composing it, I would like to display the icon only.
    I tried following ideas out but none of them was successful:

    Setting title to empty string: I...
  3. Could that be that hidden columns play a role in this bug?
  4. I just wanted to emphasize this thread. We also spotted this problem which is really annoying... Settings (MacOSX, Firefox or Safari, GXTv.1.2, GWTv.1.5).
  5. I just wanted to emphasize this thread. We also spotted this problem which is really annoying... Same settings (MacOSX, Firefox or Safari, GXTv.1.2).
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    Thanks for your answer.

    So, this brings me to the next question: do I have access to the SVN repository? I am an Open Source developer. And if yes, where is it?
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    Up to the Ext GWT roadmap the file upload widget should be available very soon... :)
    I would have two questions regarding it:
    When about will it be reasonably available?
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    Any feedback here?
  9. It would be nice to be able to programmatically get rid of the white space occupied by the icon tree item when no icon is used.

    The only way I have found out was to redefine the CSS class style...
  10. Following code snippet illustrates the problem:

    public final class Client implements EntryPoint
    private TextField<String> field;

    private final void showAlertBox()
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    I think ColumnConfig should not extend BaseObservable like it does now. One is able to register Listener but they are actually not used (or I misunderstood something here?).

    Or we should...
  12. Just take Basic Grid, scroll to the bottom of the table, select the last row and you will see the phenomenon.
  13. Obviously, closing a MessageBox.alert with the enter key works. However if you have a component listening for the enter key as well below the MessageBox, this one will also be triggered after the box...
  14. Just load in Safari, resize the window (make it smaller) and you will see.
  15. Switching the SelectionModel to single selection:

    solves the problem. So this problem only happens with multiple selection which is...
  16. This bug also happens in Hosted Mode on my Mac. When I have a scrolling table and try to select a row located at the bottom of the whole table, the selection jumps to the beginning of the table and...
  17. Hi,

    This bug was not present in version [1.1.1].

    And does not occur in Firefox. Probably because I have Mac, this bug also happens in Hosted Mode.

    The bug:

    Components are correctly...
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    I would like to understand the relation between both methods. I would expect onRender being called after onLoad but this does not seem to be the case. What does onRender do exactly and when it is...
  19. Even if it is possible to instantiate a AppEvent with the constructor:

    public AppEvent(int type, T data) {
    this.type = type; = data;
    }The internal field data is actually set but...
  20. From time to time, I get an exception in my GWT console when selecting a row in a Grid I am using. I do not know, maybe I am doing something wrong. I just added an Events.CellClick listener to this...
  21. Got it. Many thanks for your answer. Cheers and have a nice day.
  22. I am aware of this feature but this is not what we want. We would like to have everything displayed. The sorting, for instance, only applies on the displayed rows, not on the whole table. Any other...
  23. Using a simple Table with 500 rows and 5 columns crashes my Firefox3 that does not want to run the script.
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