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  1. Thanks for the help but with your code its trigger on the whole row, but with this code i check if it is the span with right class or not:

    // Check if it is left mouse button down
    if (name ==...
  2. With interceptMouse i could do a check like this:

    if (element.nodeName === "SPAN") {

    Thats i can not do in processEvent, i think, i hase done some console.log and so on to debug processEvent...
  3. I have a problem, the event for GroupingView that was named "interceptMouse" has been removed in ExtJS 3.3, its is there in 3.2 but not in 3.3.

    This does that i can not check where the click on...
  4. I have a panel where i have some options for the user to select from and i whant to create a list of checkbox`s from a array for the user to select from.

    How i do this?
  5. hmm, nobody knows about this function?
  6. I did not have any good solution, i have for now done so right click is toggle colapse functionality to later on fix this if i find any solution.
  7. Why did somebody removed interceptMouse on GroupingView in ExtJS 3.3?

    On line 73219 in ext-all-debug.js (ExtJS 3.2.0) you find this line:

    this.mainBody.on('mousedown', this.interceptMouse,...
  8. After searching in the code for ExtJS 3.3 i has changed the interceptMouse ovveriding to this:

    Ext.override(Ext.ux.ExtendedGroupingView, {
    processEvent: function(name, e){...
  9. I have extended GroupingView for a Gridpanel that using grouping.

    Before i changed to ExtJS 3.3 i got my extendend groupingview to select the whole group of items but now after update i only get...
  10. I get the same problem on the tabs2 example on my Android 2.1 phone (HTC Desire).

    But i find out that when i tab, its sometimes works but if its not works i tab back to the page that are shows but...
  11. Thanks!

    Sometimes maybe better to use the "community" then try to google stuff :P

    Have been sitting with his like over 6 hours and you give me the answer in 7 minutes ;-)
  12. I have a GroupingStore that i with this code editing a value:

    var unitListGrouping = Ext.StoreMgr.lookup('unitListGrouping');
    var rec = unitListGrouping.getById(record.get('Id'));...
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