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    After upgrading my application to GXT 2.2.1 the charts are not working in IE (8).

    The same problem occurs in the Explorer Demo:

  2. What's the status of this ?
    I have a similar problem with at EditorGrid not working in WebKit browsers.

    Best regards
  3. No....

    GXT-team: Is there a reason for not fixing this one ??

  4. Hi,

    When dispatching history events like the following code shows, the titlebar in Internet Explorer keeps getting longer and longer with the history information shown - why ?

  5. Anyone ? Maybe the GXT team could confirm if it is a bug ?

  6. Anyone ? Maybe the GXT team could confirm if it is a bug ?

  7. Hi,

    I'm trying to use chart components on several TabItem, but the layout looks a bit strange.

    With the code below try the following testcase:

    1. Load data with "tab2" active. Ok
    2. Load...
  8. Hi,

    Changing the getter and setter in Dataprovider fixes my problem - don't know if this is the correct way :-) :

    protected double getMaxYValue() {
    return maxYValue==null?0d:maxYValue;
  9. Hi,

    Before upgrading to GXT 2.1 it was possible to bind an empty store to a ChartConfig - but after upgrade it gives me a Nullpointer exception:

    java.lang.NullPointerException: null
  10. Hi,

    I have a Formpanel with 3 Numberfields and a formbinding which has a store set. The store is based on BeanModels.

    Now my problem is that I want to update the third field based on a...
  11. Hi,

    I have these to classes in my code (remove getters and setters and some other for simplicity):

    public class Company implements BeanModelTag{
    List<Employee> emps = new...
  12. Hi,

    I have a model like this:

    Person - Profile -< Injury
    (Person has one profile - and profile has one or more injuries)

    I have a grid showing all the users - works fine.
    And I have a...
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    Is it possible to have a textarea that can be resized by using the mouse in the bottom-right corner ? (it's used everywhere these days :-) )

  14. Hi,

    I have a form with several inputfield of different kinds (combo, text and so on). Every field has a fieldlabel - every thing is ok.

    But now the customer has a requirement for comboboxes:...
  15. Hi,

    It seems like the Gray theme is missing some files?
    I was trying to use a Content Panel with setFrames(true) - see a similar CP here:
  16. Hi,

    In this thread
    GSlender announced "Charting will also have breaking changes between M1 and M2 ;-)"

    I'm working on a project (GXT2.0M1) where...
  17. See:

    public void selectionChanged(SelectionChangedEvent<BeanModel> se) {
    if (se.getSelectedItem() !=...
  18. Anyone ?
  19. Hi,

    I'm trying to figure out how steps for labels are working....

    It's a little strange because it's working when i use a invalid beanproperty

    final BarChartProvider<Sales> alphacp =...
  20. Hi,

    Just call checkResize() on your mapwidget.

  21. Hi,

    How can I programmatically define the sort order of a GroupSummaryView ?
    From the UI it's possible - so I guess it's pretty easy 8-|

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    I'm trying to show the add-icon on a button, but it seems that the icons.gif is missing in the /images folder - why ?

    toolBarEdit.add(new TextToolItem("Add", "icon-add"));

    In my...
  23. I can give it a try :) :

    I have the following javabeans:

    Person (has field "name" and "address")
    Address (has field "roadname" and "city")
    City (has field "name" and "zipcode")
  24. Hi,

    I'm using a combobox for showing cities (zipcode and cityname), and this works fine.
    Now I want to use the FormBinding to bind the selected value to an address object.

    My datamodel is:
  25. You're my friend !! Works perfectly now - thank you :-)

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