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  1. How do you make an ext window fit to its content size when using a border layout? If I change the layout to fit it works but I can't use the mini collapse (or east/west panels), putting a border...
  2. Excellent. Its no show stopper or anything... there are always ways to work around it. It just comes up often enough that I figured I'd check.

    Looking forward to Ext4, then! :)
  3. I have been trying to figure out the best way to handle multi-record data embedded in data records for a while now. Say you have data something like:

    name: 'Foo',
    prefs: [
  4. The CRUD stuff seems very MVC (PATH_INFO) oriented. I have been looking for a way to specify params to tell the server what's going on instead, like func=update_address. I could probably add them to...
  5. setValue uses store's find function, which (strangely) has no way to match an exact term except if you pass it a RegExp..., item.trim())

    I had numeric values 59...
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    I tried float:right and the little datepicker icon got lost, basically became overflow... the way those are written seems very strange... I actually have done this and put in a right margin to move...
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    Doesn't seem to make a difference, thanks, though.
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    I am trying to ad an Ext DateField to an existing app. The renderTo is set to a div with text-align: right but the DateField stubbornly clings to the left... any idea how to fix this?
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    Here is a regexp that does it in less code...

    var foo = -12345678.1234;
    var re = new RegExp('(\\d{1,3})(?=(?:\\d{3})+(\\.|$))','g');
    var foo2 = foo.toString().replace(re,'$1,');

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    Would there be a way to use Ext to make a complex table editor that allowed dragging and dropping of tables, TRs and TDs and also dragging and dropping tables within TDs?

    I am in the planning...
  11. I am building an editor where I have the same form under many tabs to edit info for different types. It is basically simple with some just a couple inputs/dropdowns but so far the only way I have...
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