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  1. Controller action for Ext.form.Panel does not contain beforeaction and other events which are listed here under BasicForm section
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    Autocreated combo controller action for select event has parameters (field, value, options), but according to docs they should be (combo, recrods, eOpts)

    Please delete this thread as it is...
  3. I agree! Thanks a lot!
  4. Jason,

    I am completely disappointed, sorry but I could not recreate the issue!

    Nethertheless is it possible to add allowBlank config to HtmlEditor?

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    I also noticed that Ext Direct API link is searched directly in the internet, but I have virtual linux machinу and it's name is defined in hosts Windows file. So browser correctly...
  6. Yes, I've checked docs before creating the post, but first: it is common sense, I should have a possibility to define any field on a form as mandatory or not, and second: if I add allowBlank manually...
  7. Hi,

    I think HtmlEditor should have allowBlank config option.
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    I've checked the url "http://dev/myapp/data/api.php" it returns

    Ext.ns(""); =...
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    Hi, Bharat!
    my url prefix is set to "http://dev/myapp/" and ext direct api is set to "http://dev/myapp/data/api.php" and when I open the project designer opens the settings window with redunderlined...
  10. Thanks a lot!
  11. This is also valid for build 311
  12. Ok, but also it is not possible to correctly set style:
    if I input { border-style: 'solid' } I get

    style: '{ border-style: \'solid\' }',

    if I remove dash and input { borderstyle: 'solid' } I...
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    In build 268 api.php response in js-form was accepted by designer and I could successfully choose proper directFn from the list. In build 311 api.php is not accepted: I have "Ext.Direct Remoting...
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    Snapshot contains Toolbox, Toolbar and small part of application itself32721
  15. You can easily recreate the issue: start new Ext JS 4 project, define settings, dragndrop controller, switch to code, select launch from dropdown, write console.log('MyController launch'), save,...
  16. What is the purpose of having 'launch' menuitem in dropdown when viewing controller code because if I write there code it is not executed and I should add Basic Function with the name 'onLaunch' to...
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    When I start new ExtJS4 project, select Application in project inspector, switch to code view and look at the code I see Illegal token error even if preliminary I set proper Ext JS Path in project...
  18. When I enter symbols in filter config pane properties become filtered.
    When I change selection in project inspector filter value remains but property list is not filtered, so I'd expect either...
  19. I have defined MyAppData singleton with global setting 'channel'

    launch: function() {
    Ext.define('MyAppData', {
    singleton: true,
  20. I'm observing unpredictable behaviour when trying to reorder controller actions in project inspector: sometimes order in project inspector changes sometimes not, and independently of results of these...
  21. Hi,
    Here is what I have found so far:
    Autocreated function for load event of Ext.tree.Panel has next: function(treepanel, records, successful, operation, options), but according to real test and...
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