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    I've inherited an app using EXTJS 3.4 and it uses rowexpanders in several pages. My problem is: on one specific page I have a GridPanel with the rowexpander plugin. This is set up like all the others...
  2. How embarrassing for Sencha that you are a representative.
  3. Here's how I do it - but I'm far from a pro at this...
    Note: I've yet to figure out how to access the elements in each tab until I click and show it. In case you were headed in that direction. I'm...
  4. Skirtle, just wanted to let you know your help is appreciated.

    You've helped me out several times with your replies to others (including this one) and I appreciate you NOT simply directing the...
  5. I've used this method, which seems to work for now:
    in my column definitions I added
    tdCls: 'x-specialformat-cell' on each column.

    I defined a few styles:

    .red-row .x-specialformat-cell...
  6. Hello, I've been struggling this morning with viewConfig in my Grid Panel setting styles based on cell value.
    The style is being added but the styles are not rendering. ex: yellow background is not...
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