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  1. I am sorry. My mistake. Thanks.
  2. Ext JS 4.0.7
  3. Hi Community,

    Is it possible to extend RadioGroup or CheckBox Group with loading items from external script?

    I suppose my script must return an object like this:

    { boxLabel: 'item1',...
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    Thank you very much for replying. It works now :)
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    Hi to All

    Could someone check is the bellow code correct?
    I got an empty grid without data, although php script returns
    the correct json data like this:

    Thanks :)
  6. Unfortunately the problem has not resolve.

    I change


  7. Thank you evant for replying

    but still no luck

    my code really work but i guess it really ugly :)

    error in my example sorry:

    tabs. get[i] .items.get(0).bindStore(s)
  8. Hi

    Have some problem with using bindStore method for ListView. Please help :)
    May be another solution for this task?

    In any case thanks for the help :)

    I have:
    1. A Window with TabPanel...
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