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  1. Works fine in development.In the production build however (using Sencha CMD and with ST 2.4.1 the app won't launch.In the console i get this new warning:[WRN] C1009: Circular...
  2. Thanks Martine and Jason.

    Sorry for the late reply. Been very busy.
    I'll give it another try.


  3. Hi Martine,
    I've tried it on iOS. No luck so far.
  4. Hi there,
    Just tried the SpaceExamples on Github ( but can't get the Sensors example ( to work.
  5. Hi Mitchell,
    By now the Chrome Browser is available on the iPad :-). Have you had the opportunity to try / test your Speech plugin? Very curious...
  6. Brilliant! After a long search, this simple solution made my day :)
  7. Very helpful,...thanks! Almost exactly what I was looking for.
    Any progress since August?
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