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  1. [OPEN] LoadMask on container disappears on Window.hide() ?

    When a LoadMask is set on a generic container (Ext.container.Container), it just works great.

    Now, if you open a window (Ext.window.Window) and then hide it ... The LoadMask surprisingly disappear...
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    Exception raised in StBuildRunner()

    I dig a little bit more in the code and found out the exception is raised at the following line of ./plugins/touch/current/app-build.js (within Sencha Cmd):

    var stbuildRunner = new...
  3. [OPEN] Glad to read this is classified as an official...

    Glad to read this is classified as an official "bug". Thanks for that.

    Any idea of the priority of this bug?

    I mean: for me it is critical to have correct startup screen for my native app. ...
  4. [OPEN] @ingo.hefti thanks but the application is just...

    @ingo.hefti thanks but the application is just running fine! No death here, only a (unacceptable) 1-2 second delay between the moment the "loading" image is hidden and the moment the application is...
  5. [OPEN] You're not alone

    @huberte I'm struggeling for days on the exact same problem.

    I started from the very default sencha cmd application ("sencha generate app TestApp ../tst")

    On safari or chrome: the application,...
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    User interaction is not allowed

    Good day,

    For an application built on Sencha Touch 2.1.0, when doing

    sencha app build native

    from a SSH session to a MacOS, I receive the following error message and the build fails:
  7. Even in Chrome, about:blank is loaded; apparently by Ext.fx.runner.CssTransition

    Hi all,

    Same problem for me.

    I wanted to add the following comment : if I start the "Developer Tools" window in Chrome and "tap" one of the items of my bottom tap, I also see that a...
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