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    The underlying issue is that Sencha fires a...

    The underlying issue is that Sencha fires a Selection event but it's not the GWT Selection event; it's their very own version. It doesn't have the same API or class hierarchy.

    Their change is an...
  2. During 3.0 testing there have been multiple...

    During 3.0 testing there have been multiple threads discussing the faulty implementations involving the ComboBox and the failure to implement behaviours expected by users. The thread you mention...
  3. (3.0.0.RC) Broke ComboBox API regarding Handler/Event inheritance

    Your release notes do not indicate that you changed the inheritance classes of the SelectionHandler and SelectionEvent. In Beta4, these were the Google classes. In RC, they are now Sencha GXT...
  4. Repetitive raising of same issue indicates design flaw

    Experiences with other UIs raises the expectation that the event will fire immediately upon selection of the option. The collapse of the dropdown implies the value has changed and application is...
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    Same behaviors for placement of South region...

    Same behaviors for placement of South region confirmed in Chrome and Firefox 3.6 using previous post's code snippet
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    Additional issue regarding population of South region

    Porting working code from GXT 2.2 into 3.0 Beta 1, the South region content is appearing at "-height" above the North region. The effectively makes it invisible above the browser viewing area.
  7. Thread: E

    by kenhwallis

    Issue regarding adding BorderLayout content into RootPanel

    The standard "RootPanel.get().add(widget)" technique must be used with care when a BorderLayout is also being accessed.

    BorderLayoutContainer implements the HasOneWidget interface so it supports...
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    Issue with BorderLayoutContainer

    BorderLayoutContainer example ( has issues when one of the border regions is hidden. Its corresponding collapse icon remains visible in...
  9. I believe the issue relates to the RAM...

    I believe the issue relates to the RAM availability versus requirements for IE. My laptop only has 2GB. Since Chrome is able to display the pages, I'm assuming IE requires a larger footprint. I'm...
  10. Managing localization relating to data entry

    Use of properties files as lookup maps to translate known program words and phrases into messages for specific locales is straight forward. However, once data entry values from these diverse locales...
  11. Please provide list of all dependencies (3.0.0.DP5)

    Several dependencies seem to be missing from Snapshot. Have gradually been working thru list of dependencies to find references. However, a published list would be significantly more productive.
  12. Both Sencha's example-dev link & my local Tomcat...

    Both Sencha's example-dev link & my local Tomcat work when viewed from Chrome.
  13. Clicked directly on both of the Sencha examples...

    Clicked directly on both of the Sencha examples links at bottom of your previous response. They open new IE browser windows but do not populate UI content. On first set of attempts, the posted...
  14. Links you provided return the following error: ...

    Links you provided return the following error:

    Webpage error details
    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; GTB6.5; Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows...
  15. JBoss log entries

    I simply dropped the war from within the bundle into my deploy folder. The following errors were logged. I presume they are related since neither occurs without the new GXT deploy.

  16. GXT 3.0 DP5 example compile error on ListViewExample

    GXT 3.0 DP5 example does not compile because referenced CSS is omitted from bundle.

    package com.sencha.gxt.explorer.client.view;@Detail(name = "ListView", icon = "listview", category =...
  17. release note instructions regarding OpenJPA requirement

    I'm trying to install the GXT 3.0 DP5 examples webapp in JBoss so that I can familiarize myself with its features before SenchaCon. However, deployment fails because OpenJPA is not configured. I've...
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