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    addBeforeListener in Controller?

    I have a lot of functions in my view which I think belong in my controller. They center around executing functions After the 'activeitemchange' event on my How do I attach events...
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    Almost there...

    Here is what I have so far. This is on my

    listeners : {
    initialize : function(component, options) {
    this.addAfterListener('activeitemchange', function(container,...
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    Optimize this code?

    Right now the above listeners are on the individual tab. Is there any way to put this function on the instead? After I've removeAll() items on the deactivate, how would I get the items...
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    Silly mistake. My updated (working) listeners: ...

    Silly mistake. My updated (working) listeners:

    listeners : {
    activate : function() {
    if (this.getItems().length === 0){
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    Here is what I have so faróbelow my 'Home' tab: ...

    Here is what I have so faróbelow my 'Home' tab:

    var myItems = [
    cls : 'm-box flat round push-after m-datalist',
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    Removing non-active tab panels

    I've seen a couple ST1 posts about DOM optimization that center around only loading the active tab panel in the DOM (and unloading the others after itemactiveachange).

    What is the best way to do...
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    Hey hirokenshin,
    Did you ever get this working? I'm trying to achieve similar results and still having quite a bit of trouble. Care to post some code if you got it working?
  8. Fixed

    Finally all fixed. Here is what the end (simple) solution was:

    Put the Cordova JS file as the first script object in the HTML page, before Sencha
    Comment out line numbers 44 and 54 of...
  9. Update...

    Device Example
    I put the Device example in a PhoneGap (v1.6.1) app and I get similar results. When I launch the app I get the correct "<App Name> would like to use your current location" message....
  10. primski -- have you tried this code on iOS? I'm...

    primski -- have you tried this code on iOS? I'm having trouble finding any geolocation solution with ST2 + PhoneGap that doesn't give a garbage prompt like:

  11. I hit this same issue. If you look at the docs,...

    I hit this same issue. If you look at the docs, animateActiveItem() expects obj/num for activeItem and a obj for animation. You and I were both passing a string of the item we wanted to set active.
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    Then that means that 'teststore' doesn't exist at...

    Then that means that 'teststore' doesn't exist at the time you're calling it. If you post more complete code we might be able to help more.

    You can also try getting the store from your component:...
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    load() should do it: ...

    load() should do it:

  14. PhoneGap + Touch Geolocation prompts using app path rather than app name

    I have a ST2.0.1 app running in PhoneGap 1.6.1. When my app is running in PhoneGap the Geolcoation prompt doesn't use the application name, but rather the path to the index.html file in the PhoneGap...
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    console.log() not getting out to Xcode's Debug Area...

    I have a pretty basic app.js file generated from the SDK tools. The app loads fine in PhoneGap, but no console.log outputs in the Xcode debug area. Any suggestions?

  16. Thanks!

    Worked like a charm. I added this to my showNewsItem function:

    newsPanel.onAfter('erased', function(){

    reset() isn't a method on the...
  17. Ext.Component.destroy() causes blank viewport

    I have a controller where I create a panel to display item details after a List item click.

    When they click the list item, I show my panel (with a back button). I tap item 1, see the details,...
  18. How to hide LoadMask if Store.getCount() !== 0

    I have a Tab.Panel with 5 tabs. I have a refresh function I call on activeitemchange of the tab panel so that each tab has fresh data. On a given tab, I could have 4 small dataviews/lists, which...
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    Here is what I ended up with (doesn't mean it's...

    Here is what I ended up with (doesn't mean it's right, but it works) :

    This is one of my main tab panels:

    Ext.define('EOC.view.Help', {
    extend : 'Ext.Panel',
  20. Now when I get the geolocation prompt, it uses...

    Now when I get the geolocation prompt, it uses the path of the index.html file, rather than the Application Name. Anyone ever seen this?

  21. Thank you!

    Ah, perfect. Just checked the docs on Views to understand your changes a bit better. Thanks again. That fixed my problem!
  22. Panel HTML content not properly rendered on launch

    I have a panel in my app that displays information about a person's location (hard coded for this example). On the initial load of that view, the html property is set to 'Use your current...
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    Hanging on Loading screen on BlackBerry

    When pulling up my app on a Blackberry (Curve, OS v6.0), the app hangs on the Loading screen with the 3 blue dots. Works fine on iOS 5.x and Android 2.3.x. I built the app via Sencha Command to...
  24. Fair enough. Thanks.

    Fair enough. Thanks.
  25. I need to use two APIs to get one result. How?

    I need to send my lat/long coordinates to one API and get the results in JSON. The results contain the converted ArcGIS X/Y points from my lat/long. I then need to send those X/Y points to a 2nd API...
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