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  1. [OPEN] Oops, didn't spot your reply. Thanks for taking...

    Oops, didn't spot your reply. Thanks for taking the time to look into this, your fix has worked much better than mine did :)

  2. [OPEN] restoreScroll suffers from a similar problem,...

    restoreScroll suffers from a similar problem, just needs overriding in LiveGridView as well
  3. [OPEN] getScrollState() in LiveGridView always returns 0 for vertical scrollbar

    GWT 2.5.1/GXT 3.0.6

    The following code fails to behave as expected for me:

    protected Point scrollstate;

    public void onModuleLoad() {
    VerticalLayoutContainer vlc =...
  4. [OPEN] Live grid horizontal scroll position changes on vertical scroll

    My situation: I have a live grid that has more columns than fit in view, so there is a horizontal scrollbar along the bottom. If the user has scrolled to the right and then scrolls up or down the...
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    HOWTO: Mulitline Grid Headers


    One of my app's requirements is to have text wrapping in the header for a grid, so i set about working out how. It's fairly straightforward and i've not encountered any problems with it so...
  6. [FIXED] 3.0.6 - LiveGridView does not scroll to the very end of the resultset

    This does not affect the ordinary GridView, only the Live one. It is reproducible on the 3.0.6 demo at

    1. Resize the...
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