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  1. Destroying our SchedulerPanel crashes with this stack on Ext 6.0.0 classic.

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of null
    at line 210363, character 19, of Ext.define.getKey...
  4. Putting a trigger field in an Ext JS header crashes when using arrow keys in it.

    This check in HeaderContainer should also verify that column *is* a column (in my case it's a triggerfield, which...
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    No use case really, just bumped into this by accident. Since # could mean both id/itemId shouldn't the query check both?
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    var button = new Ext.Button({
    text : 'CLICK ME!!',
    width : 100,
    enableToggle : true,
    itemId : 'btn',
    id :...
  7. The text input area is shifted 3px down. Type into a text field and tab out of it.
  8. Not an issue in Ext 5 since Ext JS 5 supports IE8+ and IE8 has JSON.stringify etc.
  9. As a partial fix - with Ext JS 5, simply set

    Ext.USE_NATIVE_JSON = true;

    And native will be used whenever supported.
  10. We require the same in our forums, there is simply no other way to know what is going on. And yes it's time consuming but at least there is a very good chance of finding the bug. Imagine asking a car...
  11. II don't see any hooks listed in the docs. At the very least - "init" should be protected right?
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    Will the current basic API discrepancies be ironed out in Ext 6 between classic and modern? Currently Ext JS Component has a 'isVisible' method, which is missing in Touch. Instead, Touch has a...
  13. Have a few failing tests due to these listener leaks:

    var store = new;

    var s = new Ext.grid.Panel({
    store : store,
    columns : [
  14. Irrelevant. I do know how to set a store. Just pointing out that setStore is broken :)
  15. Sure I have a reason: I like to set the store for the panel. :)
  16. Pretty harmless code.
  17. Any update on this?
  18. Run this standalone, not as part of the ext js RTL samples (which overrides RTL globally on the component level).

    Note that column menu has not been configured with RTL.

    <!DOCTYPE HTML>...
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    Locked grid in RTL is broken, scrolling normal grid horizontall is not working. Ext test case below, bryntum live link:

    MBP, Chrome, Trackpad
  20. 1. Open a locking grid sample in Mac Chrome.

    2. Scroll normal grid left+right slowly with trackpad - you'll see it stutters a lot. Very visible when comparing it to Firefox.

    Wild guess (we...
  22. I'll be there too! :)
  23. Bump, we agree on there being a bug?
  24. Ehm, see both ways I do it. If I do it in constructor before callParent, it should work no?
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