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  1. Remove padding from chart (type column / stacked)

    I've been trying to make a very simplistic Ext chart for the better part of the day, and whilst the charts api seems well documented and quick to use, I have become stumped on implementing my stacked...
  2. Ext.form.field.File - Bring up file upload screen from function.

    Hello all,

    I need to bring up the file upload screen provided by Ext.form.field.File from a function, however have been stuck on this for a while.

    I presume my function needs to call that the...
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    Thank you

    Thank you very much, presumed there was a bigger list, and probably didn't read properly!
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    List of non custom Vtypes

    Dear all,
    Whilst the forums and the documentation both have clear guides on how to create custom vtypes, I was wondering if their is a list of the current vtypes bundled into ExtJS by default. An...
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