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  1. Thank you.
  2. Hello.

    Seems that two-way binding of the datefield does now work.


    How to reproduce:
    Click button.

    Expected behaviour:
  3. Is there any progress in this case?
  4. Hello.

    Seems that there is bug when binding 'filters' config option of the store via viewmodel like this:

    viewModel: {
    stores: {
    testStore: {
    type: 'mystore',
  5. Dear Evan,Please see test case:
  6. I have solved this problem by two overrides:

    Ext.define('Spa.override.grid.plugin.Editing', {

    override: 'Ext.grid.plugin.Editing',

    getEditingContext: function(record,...
  7. Discussing:
  8. Is it possible, that copying of the record in does not work for the same reason?
  9. May be next forum thread helps to solve this problem:
  10. Replies
    So, what abou this problem? I still can't delete old unneeded fiddles.
  11. I'm using to make copy of the record in new sesssion, but it ignores copying of the associations.

    Internally it use and I have found same forum...
  12. How to make it work? Is there other way to work together celleditor + combobox?
  13. We have grid + celleditor + combobox.

    Seems that TemplateColumn has a bug with rendering after changing combo value.

    After changing combobox cell becomes blank. (See row with ID 2 on attached...
  14. Ok. Thank you.
    I will use override for my needs.
  15. First grid in fiddle loads association ok, second one not:

    ExtJs version:

    Ext.define('BaseModel', {
    extend: '',
  16. Replies
    I have tried to delete fiddle but got next error in console:

    'Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'apply' of undefined'

    Browser: Google Chrome 40.0.2214.111 (64-bit)
  17. Sorry, I don't have test case, but you can pass this task to developers. Seems that they should know about this problem because a lot of 'TODO' tags.
  18. Seems that RED code solves problem:


    override: '',

    extractRecord: function (node, readOptions, entityType,...
  19. Records are not updated when calling store.load() if store is attached to session. has code which calls 'readOptions.recordCreator' for creating record:

  20. So, is there any other way to pass nested data to Session?
  21. Seems that Error which I has described happens when model has associated data. I have tried to represent it via fiddle but it does not happens because in real situation I have direct proxy with json...
  22. For example, I have model Account with ID 236377 inside Session.

    The error will appear after calling:

    Account: {
    U: [
    id: 236377
  23. When I'm calling session.update() with data contains ID error happens: Cannot change Account id from 236377 to 236377 id already exists

    Seems that before...
  24. How to make it right-alligned?
  25. Is there more intellegent way to add button in ExtJs 5?
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