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  1. Hi,

    I have this strange problem that when my portlet is in normal state, some elements of the form panel are not being rendered whereas when the portlet is maximized, they render themselves. The...
  2. Look at this thread
  3. Yes, but in another thread someone had recommended that FitToContainer is better than FitToParent. So I used that one and it has a width option.
  4. So here's the solution to the IE problem. In the FitToContainer plugin configuration, width:false needs to be added.
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    I just wanted to check if I can use your sortByFields() in Ext 3.0 as well. If so, where do I call that function? I tried to call it in sortChange listener of my gridpanel but it goes into...
  6. Thanks!! The fitToContainer plugin works perfectly on Firefox but is giving some syntax error on IE7. Still investigating. Will keep you posted
  7. Our portlet is a JSR286 portlet, so no code was written explicitly to achieve maximize.
    The following snippet of code is how we achieve rendering a tree and a grid adjacent to each other. Like I...
  8. Hi,

    I have a grid panel for which I don't want to set the width but still want a horizontal scrollbar. The reason is that when the containing portlet is maximized I want the grid to resize...
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